Perching stools

Can anyone recommend a perching stool?

I'm looking to buy one but don't know where to start.

Have you had a word with your OT, they can get you one for nothing.


I don't have an OT

You can be referred by your GP or your MS nurse. They come out and do an assessment and will get other things for you such as grab rails. It's worth it, rather than buying them yourself.


Yes. The trouble is where we live it can take 8 months to get a visit.

It's terrible how it differs over different parts of the country - I was referred and had my things within 3 weeks! You'll all have to move to the North East - but then I suppose we'd all have to wait for ages!!


There's a perfectly good perching stool in my shed! Belongs to NHS or I'd give it to you.

The kitchen in my bungalow is too small for the stool - having said that I didn't use it much at my previous house. The sloping seat makes me naseous.

Even if you buy a stool yourself I would get a referral to OT via adult services at your local council who knows what you might need in 8 months time, its worth it just for the advice. I got lots of ides from my OT.



my mum got one a few years back in argos

Hi there

I have a perching stool and wouldn’t be without it. It has a back and arms which I find very useful. I just googled ‘perching stools’ but I don’t remember which site I got it from as it was a while ago but there is plenty of choice. You ought to be able to find something that suits you. I think it cost about £4.


Teresa xx

Sorry meant to say £40!

Teresa xx

I propped myself against a kitchen unit so my husband could measure the height I wanted (seat height) - then I looked on ebay until I saw one near enough to us so we could collect easily.  It took just two weeks for one to come up - we got it for about £8 I recall and I have it now.   For what it is worth it is a John Lewis model and they still sell them (though for more than £8!).

Thank you for all your comments,help and advice.