Occupational health home visit

Hi all, my ms nurse said she was going to refer me for a home visit by occupational health to assess if I need any help in the home. Can anyone explain exactly what happens and does it involve any costs? Thanks. Dawn x

Hi Dawn

I’ve had this. It’s quite straightforward and, depending on what they decide you might need, will probably not involve any cost to you.

Mine were brilliant. They arranged a second stair-rail, a bed rail to enable me to pull myself up from bed easier, an electric bath seat - I hadn’t been able to have a bath for years lol before that.

They also supplied me with a perching stool and a commode and also recommended a stair-lift. I also have a raised toilet seat and a barrier round the toilet.

If any major alterations are needed, ie. a downstairs bedroom or wetroom etc, then this may be means tested, depending on your income, or you maybe entitled to a disabled facilities grant.

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Dawn x

Hi Dawn Occupational health are very good at supplying aids to help you in & around the home Eg raised seat for the toilet & frame around it Shower chair/stool Extra handrails Etc etc Usually there are no costs incurred suppose it depends on what your needs are. Sue x

Hi Dawn, Your MS nurse probs means Occupational Therapy, OT. I’ve had a home visit too and it’s a great chance to talk about and show what adjustments and additions you need that can help you, make things easier for you. You tell them where and what you struggle with at home, with me it was in the shower and getting in and out of bed esspecially and they follow this with an assessment report and will order you, free of charge appropriate adaptations, delivered and fitted for you. Jools X

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Thanks for your replies. That sounds great. I last saw my nurse 3 weeks ago so hopefully they will be in contact soon. Dawn x

Sometimes there is (or can be) a long waiting list.

Hi, I`ve used the services of the OTs many times. I think these bods are absolutely fantastic.

They look around your home, see how you do things now and if they can see a safer way of doing things, they will organise it for you.

Most items are free, but when it comes to something that changes your property ie hoist, lift, stair lift, wet room, then you have to apply for a DFG…disabled facilities grant.

This is means tested. If you are asked to make a contribution and dont have the funds yourself, then you can apply to charities eg the MS local branch or head office, to help find the difference.

It can take a while to get to see someone, but once the assessment is done, things usually happen quickly.

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Thanks guys and thanks Poll! Xx