MS and work

I currently work 25 hours a week in a busy school kitchen. Is anybody able to suggest any workplace adaptations my employer could implement to make my job a little bit easier?


Hi Max

Get in touch with Access to Work. It’s a government thing to help people with disabilities to work, and can advise on things like this. They can also potentially fund things.

You could ask your GP or MS nurse for a referral to an Occupational Therapist too, they could should be able to look at what’s needed and make suggestions.



Yes i agree with Dan.

I would certainly want a perching stool. I would do as dan suggested though. x

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I have a perching stool and a chair to use at the till, have recently been referred to Occ Health due to sickness and my employer has asked if there is anything else they can provide to assist me. Is there anything anybody can think of that might be useful to have?

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