Work and accommodation

Hi I have a question about work and what accommodations are out there. I know with my job certain tasks are getting worse each year I’m weaker and feel I no longer have muscles around my rib cage so lifting for the day brings horrible pain. Is there such an accommodations that would be limiting the task that causes pain or is that just something I’d see my doctor about changing my work to a lighter work load?The painkillers I was prescribed no longer work to cover the pain. Anyways I’m hoping someone here has some advice?? Thanks

hi angie

does your employer know about your ms diagnosis?

they are obliged to put reasonable adjustments in place for you.

see your doctor to discuss this.

Access to Work can help by advising both your employer and you.

they can help by providing taxis to and from your place of work.

do check that my advice is still up to date because things change and my brain has slowed down considerably.

anyway good luck

carole x

Hi Carole,

I’ve mentioned the ms in the past and I’ve been on sick leave for each relapse(about one relapse per year for the previous two years). When I brought up the problem we worked out a solution to help lighten the load. If I still have any problems I’ll ask doctor for help to get this all sorted. I find I keep pushing my limit but am making myself worse so time to slow down. Thanks for your suggestions.


Hi, I am new to this forum. In the past 7 months 3 different GP’s have indicated I have MS symptoms. However, the Neurologist I am under has done two MRI’s, one on thoracic and cervical spine, and one on brain, and as they came back normal (well some degenerative changes seen but considered age related), he has advised that I do not have MS. When I asked if he could do a nerve conduction test as I have weakness in hands and legs with burning in various limbs, he said there was no need as the MRI’s nowadays are good enough to detect MS on the first scans. I informed the Neurologist that i had been on MS site and spoken with GP’s and it seems that it can take years to detect MS and that it does not always show lesions on scans first time. the Neurologist advised that GP’s are not experts in MS and the MS Society are misleading people. I do not for one minute agree with what the Neurologist said but wondered if anyone else had experienced this. by the way after two consultations the Neurologist has diagnosed likely FND and possible Fibromyalgia, and has now referred me to a Rheumatologist but will monitor my progress due to the weakness in my left leg!

Hi Angie. Get in touch with Access to Work, a DWP thing to help disabled people to work. They can advise on adjustments that could be made or specialist equipment that would help, and they can even provide funding for it. (And hi Halle, welcome to the site. I suggest you re-post what you wrote as a new thread on the main page, rather than as a reply here, as more people will see it. But on my understanding, yes, for some people it can take years to get a diagnosis. But if the MRI picks up the lesions straight away, then you can get a diagnosis straight away. I was diagnosed myself 15 years ago after just one scan. But if you’re not happy, then you could always ask for a seconf opinion.) Dan

Thanks Dan, I wasn’t quite sure how or where to post so thanks for the tip. Also thank you for your comments regarding when you received your diagnosis and that you too have heard that it can tae years for a diagnosis.