peed off

Ive just found out im allergic to Soya milk. Had a glass of the chocolate milk last night and 10 mins later,my cheek near my mouth has come up with the bright red rash.Ive taken anti-histime now,which has taken the itch away,but i carnt believe this. Ive been drinking soya milk for years,and it very good for menopause which im going through.I dont like cows milk,Im so annoyed. Also found out im allergic to penicillin as well.God i hope i dont get allergic to chocolate,what would i do lol.

8 years ago i found out i was allergic to eating peanuts/almonds/coconut.

Has anyone else had allergys since having MS.

Hope people reply,cos i would be really interested (im not a sad git) .



i am allergic to penicillin-pre ms included. and wet varnish-strange but true!

am crossing what i can for u cos, yes,chocolate allergy would be serious!

take care,ellie x

I too, am p£££ed off. This is a cruel disease but chocolate should be hail as a saving grace, because nothing ££££ing else helpsI hope you are not allergic to M

Hi Kim,

I don’t think allergies have anything at all to do with MS. It’s the immune system, but a completely different part of it.

It’s not that unusual to spontaneously develop allergies, and not limited to folks with MS.

My dad - who didn’t have MS - didn’t have hayfever as a boy or young man, or certainly not to any extent he was aware of. But he began to suffer very badly from his mid-twenties, to the point it was occasionally life-threatening (used to trigger uncontrollable asthma attacks).

I’ve also had perfumes or cosmetics I’ve used faithfully for years, that have suddenly triggered an allergic reaction. I always suspect a change of formula in these cases, but it might be me that’s changed. Very annoying when you suddenly can’t wear your favourite perfume any more, just as it is when you suddenly can’t eat or drink things you always have. :frowning: