Chemical allergy

So sorry if this has been discussed on here before,i am new to the site but does anybody else have issues with strong smells like paint,perfume,airfreshners etc.I have MS and for years have had these reactions,headaches,sickness to certain chemicals and smells.

Could this be related to having MS or are these just allergies personal to me? i feel like a freak.

Hi Clara, Wouldn’t surprise me if it was MS as MS is such an odd disease. However I fall into the trap of blaming everything on MS when it might just not be. I don’t get such a strong adversion to smells like you. A little bit but nothing major. Hopefully others will be able to she’d some light for you. Hugs Min xx

Hi Clara,

Paint makes me headachy - even painting my nails, sometimes - but I think this is very common for lots of people. Personally, I don’t even call it an allergy, and I definitely don’t think it has anything to do with my MS. I think breathing fumes does tend to be headache-inducing, although different people will have different trigger thresholds.

Stayed in a hotel over Christmas, once, where they’d decided to take advantage of the “quiet” season to repaint the whole floor I was on, with the exception of my actual room. Had a headache the whole stay. Pre MS-diagnosis, too.

With hindsight, should have complained and got moved, but the usual British reluctance to make a fuss.


I do. I actually feel sick (but have to be polite) to normal washing powder smells, Glade and Shake and Vac, paint and washing up liquids. I use a fragrance-free washing liquid and a dishwasher for the plates! I get dermatitis with normal washing up liquids. It sucks, but as my parents both react to these as well, it must be genetic.


Hi,thanks for the replies.I have been trying to find out more and it seems there is a name for it MCS multiple chemical sensitivity,although some people deny it is a true disorder.

I also get severe dermatitis too so i guess it must be related.Think i am allergic to life too lol.