Working with chemicals

A friend of mine has been told the lesions on MRI is either due to MS or from working with chemicals. Anyone here heard of that or have any information.

thank you


Hi J

I would be very interested to hear if anybody has any knowledge of this. I have been told I possibly have MS and I also work with chemicals that I’m concerned about. I am currently waiting for MRI results but I shall be asking more questions about this possibility

Hi Leyla, which chemicals have you used and what are your symptoms? If you don’t mind me asking??


i believe the main issue has been has been toxic paint containing toluene (it could contain other things but it’s hard to find out this information). The paint is being heated with heat guns so it smells really bad. It was eventually put under LEV but it still wafts about and directly towards where I work. I suffer headaches (which can last for days). a drugged feeling etc, brain fog, sore nose and eyes. Nobody else seems to feel the effects the same as I do though. I’ve spoken to the doctors numerous time about this but it seems they don’t want to be involved in H&S issues. I’ve been tested for MS because of numb patches, tingling, burning patches, muscle spasms etc, but I would say my main issues are cognitive.,feeling foggy and giddy a lot of the time. I also work with Mercury but I’ve had test for that.

Hi. I was dx in Nov 2014, I’ve seen my neuro twice & forgotten to ask him about chemicals. I used to work with a variety of them…One of which was a cleaning fluid that contained toluene. Will deffo ask now tho, don’t see him again till Nov tho. I’m watching this closely. Cherry x

Thank you Leyla and Cherry! Much appreciated!!!

Just read about this on the MS society page