Lab work and ms

Hi Does anyone know if there has been any studies on any connection between working in a histopathology lab (using formaldehyde, chlotoform, xylene) and developing ms?


MS has not been conclusively linked to ANY environmental or occupational exposure. There’s increasingly compelling evidence that smoking and Vitamin D deficiency both increase risk, but anything else is tenuous at best.

Some studies have made a tentative link with exposure to some solvents (Xylene is a solvent, I think?), but nothing that would stand up in court. It’s a faint suggestion - far from proof.


Thanks Tina for that information. I am interested because I used to work in a lab before there was adequate air extraction and health and safety rules werent in place. So ive inhaled lots of fumes and had solvent on skin over many years. Not that knowing will change anything Im just interested to see if there was anyone out there with similar experience. n