Tin foil hat or real cause?

Hi one and all,

This has been bugging me for nearly a year now. What started my ms? A year ago i was fine using a treadmill every night after work, a non drinker very healthy (i thought). But then i got a call from work they wanted me to work in the olympic park, to speed things along. Such a short deadline for the type of work, but had to be done. Anyway with all the stress that goes with that place maybe that was what was needed to start my ms? I was working on the water pipes 5 to 6 meters down in the ground (i just love mud), and now i hear about the nasty chemicals, radiation and such that was in the ground, was that what made the ms rear its ugly head? I have read so many crazy ideas what can cause ms. I dont want to start any crazy thread about conspiracies, just want to know if you have any similar situations as mine just before you had ms, either under stress or near chemicals and the like. I will just add that i can put down most of my relapses down to stress, always seems to start one.

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hi darren

i can absolutely agree with the stress causing ms!

i used to be the kind of person who thrived on a bit of stress but a new job followed by loads of other work related issues made it get silly. then to top it off, my nephew was arrested for having a large amount of cocaine on him and sent to prison.

my sister was in bits so i was going round to hers every night after work with a bottle of wine and a box of tissues.

so yes my stress levels were sky high when my central nervous system came under attack from my own anti bodies!

there are loads of people who believe that exposure to chemicals leads to all sorts of nasty illnesses.

i started buying organic but it was so expensive i had to go back to buying from normal shops.

ah well, we still survive!

carole x


You can drive yourself crazy with trying to work out what caused it. There is absolutely NO scientific evidence for any of the theories you’ve put forward. In fact, the NICE guidelines say that patients should be told they did NOTHING to cause it. It seems not all neuros bother to do this, but the reason is precisely so that patients don’t torment themselves as you’re doing, by thinking if they’d lived their lives differently, all might have been well. Medical evidence doesn’t support this.

Please don’t torture yourself by thinking one decision (in your case, to work at the Olympic Park) was the cause of this. It’s likely the seeds were sown year or decades before - in the womb, even. You probably had it for years before the first symptoms started to show - ages before you worked on the Olympic project. Early damage is often “silent”. It’s not until there’s already been quite an accumulation that the person begins to experience obvious symptoms, because minor damage heals, or can be worked around. This points to the process having already invisibly begun, before you ever took that phone call. MS doesn’t happen overnight.

Besides, if there were anything at the Olympic site capable of causing MS - and that quickly too - there would have been an epidemic by now. It would be noticeable that there’d been a sudden surge in diagnoses, and all people saying they’d worked on the Olympic Park. That hasn’t happened. Why would it give you MS, and not the literally thousands of other people who must have worked there?

I’m sorry to disagree with Carole, but I don’t believe in the stress theory either. Many people report a worsening of symptoms during or after stress. It’s possible that someone with early, undiagnosed MS might not have noticed symptoms until they also got stressed. But that could be true of a lot of illnesses. Early symptoms might not show unles the person was a bit under the weather with something else.

Stress amplifying symptoms isn’t the same as causing MS, though. If stress caused MS, 80 or 90% of the population would have it, instead of about 1 in 800, as now.


I agree with others that trying to pin down a simple cause for getting MS is one of the shortest available routes from here to bonkers.

It is the most natural thing in the world to try to identify the thing we could have done differently to dodge the bullet, but I just don’t think it works that way. Please let yourself off the hook. I have no doubt that, if you had spent the Olympic project roosting halfway up a tree in Wales, it would not have made a blind bit of difference to whether you ended up with MS.

I have to say that I do feel that stress is something that a person with MS needs to manage, because it really does not help. Could stress be part of the perfect storm of things going wrong at the wrong moment (genetic susceptibility/virus triggers/environmental stuff/ Goodness knows what else) that causes a person to switch from not having MS to having it? I don’t know, and I don’t think anyone is really sure, but Tina’s quite right about the fact that, if stress was the main cause, there would be an epidemic of MS, and there just isn’t. I think we can safely say that the causes of MS are certainly various and complicated. You have not brought this upon yourself.



Right, Im gonna add my bit to the mix of what causes serious illness`…not just MS.

I live in a road of 15 bungalows.

Before anyone puts our poor health issues down to age, I must add that none of us were 50+ when we moved here!

On this road, over the last 20 years there has been;

3 cases of brain tumours

1 lupus

1 lymphoma cancer

1 breast cancer and now lung problems

me, with unexplained spinal cord damage

3 bowel cancers

1 lung cancer

That`s a total of 11 serious conditions.

There used to be an asbestos tip and an electric power station close by.

Interesting, eh?

luv Pollx

I guess in my own way im looking for “what/who to blame”. Your right in i shouldnt waste energy on them thoughts, just get better. Took delivery of a sharps bin today ready for meds to turn up monday. Kind of made me feel better, finally on meds to make my outlook much better. There are so many myths about what could cause neuro conditions its not worth looking into.

On another note some of the water pipes i have worked on were made of asbestos (drinking water). That magic 70’s/80’s material. Iam well trained in how to handle/cut asbestos It wouldnot have effected me. You need to ingest it for it to be any harm to you, but if its dry then disturbed it can be breathed in. Then can cause health problems, normally respiritary problems.

Anyway im starting to type gibberish , thanks for all replys so glad i joined this forum, so relaxed, informative and caring.

thanks everyone,