Results of Lumbar Puncture but I'm so fed up!!!

So part of the ‘Plan’ is deep breathing and yoga… I was previously diagnosed with PPMS and now it has been changed to SPMS …but what is doing my absolute fruit in is where the Dr makes a reference’ to my ‘20-pack year smoking history’ as being a possible cause of the brain lesions (written before the LP results) what he is trying to get at is that I used to smoke but I gave up 20 years ago (!!!) Please please please is there anyone out there who has had something similar where a Dr has mentioned smoking at all??

Also, during the exam he said that he thought I couldn’t raise my leg because of pain from my hip dysplasia - this he wrote on the report - no, it doesn’t hurt, it just won’t do what I tell it, it won’t move!! I could almost cry in fact I have cried, loads like we all do…and then to cap it all the letter continues ‘we suspect Ms F**** has MS’ Hello??? My name is not F****they are talking about somebody else.

Sorry guys, bad day…I have been waiting for this letter so that I can start the rest of my life off, you know? Yeah they have diagnosed ‘probably’ MS - lesions on spine a few on the brain and oligoclonal bands in the csf - sounds a lot like MS to me, but ho hum what about all those fags eh???


What an @rse of a doctor!

I remember years ago my husband asked the (eminent MS specialist) neurologist whether my smoking was bad for me with MS. He asked this partly because he’d always hated me smoking and wanted a doctor to tell me to stop! The neurologist said it was irrelevant. Subsequently, this neurologist has changed his mind and now believes smoking could be one of the many factors (together with genetics, geography, gender, exposure to viruses, among others) that makes an individual more likely to develop MS.

But this doesn’t mean that because I smoked I got MS (I stopped nearly 8 years ago, so 14 years after MS made itself unwelcome in my life), any more than I had a family member with MS (I don’t), or that I’d come into contact with certain viruses. It’s all a matter of a huge number of factors that come together in an individual and end up with us getting MS. Equally, it’s the same story with Rheumatoid Arthritis or Lupus, or many other of the autoimmune disorders.

Basically to me, it seems that you were just unlucky, just like me. And everyone else with MS (or any one of a huge variety of potentially life altering diagnoses).

You of course were extra unlucky - you’ve had a cr@ppy appointment with a doctor who’s confusing patients, making sweeping statements about smoking that just aren’t proven, and making you feel lousy.

It’s not the cigarettes that caused your MS, they might not have helped, but try if you can to forget this doctor and as you say, ‘start the rest of your life’.