How many of you have allergies??

Evening all


Hope everyone is as good as can be.

So, does any one have any allergies?  I had yet another anaphylatic shock last night and i was wondering if any other MSers suffer from the same thing.  I'm allergic to salicylates which is basically asprin in drug form or in product or in foods,

It doesn't have to be this your allergic too but i would be interested to hear from you.


Paula xx

I was allergic to the coating which used to be put on apples to make them shine, then it was found to contain a cancer causing agent so was banned.  Came out in a nasty rash all over the place.  Cannot use perfumed soap powder, have to use baby shampoo as does son too.  I also have reaction ocassionally to eggs.  Was told not to have flu injection because of this.


I used to think I was odd, but then when telling others was surprised at how many have allergic reaction to foodstuffs etc.


Oh nearly forgot, silicone in anything, is that similar to your allergy.




Hi Bren

Long time no speak, hope you are well.   I can't take any medicine with asprin in it, and there's lots and lot's!  I also have to look out for atleast 20/30 different chemical names in skin care/shampoo etc products.  But food is the worst as it is found in many 'healthly' options.  Nightmare!!

My 3 years old has been coming out in hives and blisters on her body and tongue lately and it looks like egg is the culprit - a total shame as she loves them so much.

My allergies have only came about since the MS thing started about 3 years ago and i just wondered how many others were like me.  I'm not sure about silicone though.

Thanks for replying.


I have very bad heyfever,my face swells and I look like the elephant man. I've it had all my life. I'm also allergic to peach skins,it makes my lips swell  but sadly not in an Angelina Jolie way.A lot of perfumes and cosmetics bring me out in terrible rashes as does impure metal,but Chanel no 5 and platinum are fine.

I know I'm alergic to Interferons since having MS and oddly,I react badly to iron supplements,but nothing as bad as yours. With food allergiees I do wonder what is put into a lot of food these days and what the animals are fed.xxjo

Hi Paula

I am allergic to Asprin even in the smallest doses by brain rejects it and I feel as if I have a swarm of bees in my head - not pleasant. Echincia and zinc also cause me problems (feel drunk and confused).

I also have severe imune reactions to bugs in general which limits me as I have a tendancy to avoid crowds and kids.

Sorry, I need another nap.


Hope you have a good day.



Hi Paula, Didn't think I was allergic to anything... but a couple of months ago I was taken to hospital with arrythmia, which is an interruption in heartbeat (was missing a beat every few beats).

Anyway they couldn't find the cause. I've been getting it nearly every evening for months. Anyway on Monday night I didn't have it for a change... and then I ate some brasil nuts. I gave up smoking a few months back and have been eating brasil nuts in the evenings for something to munch on. 

Lo and behold... a few minutes later I had the arrythmia again. Googled 'brasil nut allergy' and sure enough arrythmia is one of the symptoms!

Haven't had brasil nuts since and haven't had one episode of arrythmia either...

Pat x

Hi Paula, I'm allergic to loads of things but the worst is Latex and Avocado (they are in the same chemical family).  They add avocado to shampoos and hair conditioners so I have to be really careful - I could itch my head off its so bad - I have a prescription shampoo for the doctors to avoid this.

Avocado is also added as guacamole paste on some foods which throws me into an anaphylatic shock - my tough and throat swell up making it impossible to breathe and at the same time I am violently sick and end up choking, and the headaches oh the headaches are so painful and last for days - I have to be very careful.

The joys of life and I thought MS as bad enough.

;-o Mary

Hi Paula, how are you doing? Haven’t seen you on here for a while. Hope you are ok.

I’m going to be boring and tell you that I don’t have any allergies but hearing about everyone else’s on here, I am glad.


I'm allergic to all nuts except for peanuts almonds and cashews, also allergic to raw potatoes and raw chicken.

Hi, I am allergic to plasters, strawberries, shellfish, some shower gels ,and fur trees, and I have hayfever. Plasters is defianatly the worst one though. Allergies run in my family my daughter has more allergies than me  .

Hello all,

               I'm allergic to fur (but not rabbit fur anymore thankfully!) and dust and very much so to feather pillows; especially those that are found in guest houses, and have thousands of different skin cells in them from before the Boer War. I am also allergic to citric fruit, and even tea, but I am afraid that I adore tea and ignore the alergy.

                        Take care all,


I get hellish hayfever (which seems to get worse every year) and I can't wear cheap jewellery.  My mother (who also had MS) was allergic to lots more things, certain types of washing powder, certain perfumes, cats.  Some of them came and went - she had a rash on her hands once that she thought was from touching the dog, but it went away and didn't come back.  As far as I remember, all my mother's allergies, and mine were present before diagnosis.  I have a couple of friends with nut allergies and one who has been allergic to salicylates for the past year (she's in her 40s, we're hoping it's going to pass) - none of them have anything remotely like MS.  Not sure if the allergy thing is to do with the MS, but it's an interesting theory.

Luisa x

Hi, yes I have loads of allergies, mainly hayfever and very sensitive skin allergic to nickle, plasters,wool etc..... I have over the years had reactions where my joints swell, but the doctors have never been able to work out what. I have wondered if this could be MS related, cos it goes as quick as it appears (a lot like many relapses). My husband did think that my skin allergies were an excuse to buy dearer things (not plain old soap!), but he soon realised how sensitive I am.

Lynne x

Just one...................Hard work



Yes, but I'm positive it has nothing to do with MS.

If you asked: "How many wear glasses?", I'd answer yes to that as well, but it still wouldn't be anything to do with MS.


I am allergic to both cats and dogs. This is upsetting to me as I love both animals and weird because I had a dog up until I was about 22. I'm also allergic to some plasters. I strangely took a reaction to the one that holds IV lines in the other week after 2 years of no problems. I've also took an allergic reaction to wall plaster dust when it came off with paper that was being taken down at the time and the bleach that gets used to wash floors in hospitals also. They both cause asthma I don't think any of these would be MS related tho.

It was once explained by a GP that allergies appear after you are no longer exposed to something that you previously were and then return to being exposed to it. E.g. I grew up with a dog, I then moved away from home for a few months once I returned I started to develop an allergy. This might be able to explain some allergies but not all.



Interested to read from Moira that you are allergic to tea. I am a teaaholic and have often wondered wether it is bad for me, how would you know you are allergic to tea. Best to you all, Peter

Hello Peter,

                   You asked how I can tell that I am allergic to tea - this is because all caffeine makes my heart pound as if I have run a mile. I am even more allergic to coffee (stronger caffeine?) and anyway coffee gives me a headache.

I am not sure if allergies have much play with MS, but I have certainly developed more since I have had MS.

                Oh, what a tangled web we weave!

               Best wishes to all,


Thank you to everone for replying and sharing your experiences.

I thought that since i could eat/drink/wear any products etc before my MS symptoms started that there may had been some link between the two.  Perhaps not.

I was dx with fibro the year previous to getting my MS dx and there is a strong link between fibro and salicylates but my neuro and MS nurse poo-poo'ed my fibro dx and said it was proberly MS all along.  That's what made me ask the question.

Tea - Tea is one of the worst things to have as it is full of sals and i've had 2 anaphylatic shocks due to drinking my favourite hot beverage!  Decaf coffee can not compare to it!


Thank you all once again for your time.

Paula xx

P.S Hi Cheryl!!

Allergic free in the main, but the slightest smell of curry gives me a ramping headache, and I am not a headache sufferer normally. Don’t think it has any connection with MS though.

Take care.


Chris R.

I. El. (Eng). (Rtd).