Rebif and shellfish allergy?!

Hi Just wondering if anyone has experienced this weird thing? So I’ve just titrated to rebif 44, never had a problem with shellfish, but last night at 5.30 did my 2nd 44 dose and had prawns for tea…30 mins later I couldn’t breathe, itching everywhere and face swollen…took all the right stuff (strong antihistamines two of them) didnt settle ended up in out of hours gp and now on steroids and better… So is it the shellfish and has my interferon made me more susceptible to this as I have never had a problem before or is it the interferon? Lots on the Internet and medical journals about interferon allergy but nothing about this, so just wonder if anyone else had any experience? Ill ring my MS nurse on Monday on case it’s the rebif as I don’t want it to happen again, and know once this starts each subsequent one will be worse…but would be grateful for any advice/personal experience. tx

I haven’t heard of this, but could you phone your Rebif My Support nurse or the helpline today to ask them? They’re normally open 9am-9pm. Are you on a Mon/Wed/Fri injection schedule? I personally wouldn’t want to inject again until I’d spoken to someone. Good luck x

Thank you! I was panicking a bit so rang the rebif nurse on the off chance! Wow, aren’t they really nice and helpful…thinks it might be the prawns, but like you hold off the rebif until I speak to the ms nurse, if I do it again, I ill do it at the doctors so at least if it is bad I have immediate support! Thanks for replying X

That sound like a good plan. Not a nice experience. Sending you a hug Barney

Thanks, it was definitely not a nice experience have been a bit emotionally labile, much to the surprise of me and my work colleagues…I’m not usually a cry baby but was a blubbering idiot today :frowning: I think it is th whole got a diagnosis out of the blue, started rebif, cant have a glass of wine as side effects are so much worse and told I’m having another relapse(although I suspected) last week and now I can’t have shellfish…hopefully that’s all it is and not the rebif…my life could be a lot worse and I’m very grateful for that, but just having a feeling sorry for myself day…unfortunately for my better half who has just got it in the neck for inviting the out laws around! Feel lucky to be able to vent here! Tx

It is a good place to vent. We all have days when we are totally fed up frustrated with this disease turn into a blubbering mess. Ihav been in tears this week jjust all of a ssudden comes over you. It is not nice. Take care

Thank you! Big hugs back to you, managed to not cry today…actually even had a go at riding a bike after years, a bit wobbly( I’m scared of dogs so when one came running my way in the park, I had to get on!). Now Im over the fear I might get dizzy when riding a bike might even try and get one for Xmas!!! Hope you have a good weekend Xx

I meant good week!