Auto immune Mouth trouble now!

Hi there all ! Been ages since I’ve been able to spend any time on here. I was wondering if anyone has any experience or knowledge of this horrible condition I’ve been diagnosed with. It’s called oral lichen planus and apparently my immune system is attacking the lining of my mouth. It can take years to settle and May or may not flare up again after that at any time! Apparently I have it mild to moderate so it should be responsive to steroid mouth rinses several times a day. After two months there’s no improvement in fact it’s slightly worse. I have couple sore lesions on inner cheeks and on tongue. Don’t relish the idea of another auto immune carry on on top of the old ms but suppose it could be worse. Its classed as pre-cancerous ! cos if lesions ulcerate and they last for years never going away they can “turn”. It’s so restricting as to what you can eat and drink without triggering the soreness to increase and of course it’s unpredictable and chronic. My mouth consultant said, don’t let it take over your life! So, I’m trying a bit of the old herbal stuff, homemade turmeric pepper n oil paste and trying to stick to eating very bland boring food and non alcoholic wine!! Anyone got any tips? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks

aaargh! what a scary thing to have.

i’m going to think of my favourite bland foods.

cauliflower, lighlty steamed and with butter.

i can’t think of anything else but will add to this if i do.

carole x

Mm think collecting some bland food ideas n recipes might be a a good idea and open my mind a bit more to what’s possible. Will surely help thro what could possibly be a long wait for the symptoms to settle. Thanks Carole

Hmmm, my mum has this, but I don’t think she does anything special about it diet-wise.

Have you actually been told you need to modify your diet, as I don’t think Mum ever has?

Then again, she is quite a faddy eater, and quite conservative already - she wouldn’t be likely to go for a good, hot curry, for example.

You probably already know this, but it has nothing to do with MS.

We do have MS in the family, but on Dad’s side, not Mum’s, so I’m the only person in Mum’s bloodline ever to have MS (lucky me, eh?)