Dentist referred me to Hospital : (

Hi all hope you are as well as to be expected, update on my dad 1st (painful leg but recovering well).

I went to the dentist yesterday as i have a painful tooth when clenching my teeth. I mentioned that my whole mouth had been sore about 3 weeks ago but as some of you might recall i didn’t know my A** from my elbow at that point so ignored it.

She has referred me to the hospital and i should hear within 4 weeks Mmmmmm we will see. Mentioned that she could not be 100% sure but i could have something called

Lechin Planus . I asked what it was and the reply was ‘well it could fit in with what you are being tested for’.

Anyone else heard of this or experienced an outbreak?

Tia Sonia x

Sorry Sonia x never heard of it! But painful teeth is certainly something I’ve been having this time xx

Glad your dad is on the mend xxxxjenxxx

hi sonic,

Lechin Planus is a disorder of the mouths soft tissues, it causes sore areas, raw skin and generalised pain. It isn’t curable but some meds and treatments can help.

Hope this helps, oh and it does have periods of remission like MS and can have good months and some bad, but like i said its not totally permanent. Do tell your dentist if you get diagnosed as they can help with your treatment and avoid treating you when you have a flare up!


Hi Sonia

My Aunt has Lichen Planus and, as already mentioned, it’s a condition which makes the mouth very sore. My Aunt has white patches in her mouth when it flares up and it’s really painful.

During flare-ups eating can be very painful for her.

She has been under the hospital for a while and now she has been given a steroid mouth-wash to use when it gets really bad, which helps enormously.

As Leamills said, it’s not there all the time, and my Aunt goes really long periods with no symptoms at all. However, when she feels it coming back she uses the mouth-wash which nips it in the bud.

It’s important that you get it seen at the hospital so that you can get the right treatment for it.

Take care

Bren x

Thanks all, yes the white patches are there but not sore at the min. Lets hope it stays away for a while eh!

sonia x