Fed Up


Ive had pain for a year in the right side of my face and above the right side of my gums,Then pins and needles have gone due to medication but the burning pain and stiffness and it feels like the top of my jaw is broken and very sore, just as i thought it was feeling a little bit better the last 3 days have felt bad again, i dont know if the pains bad again or if its never changed its just the way i deal with it. if so then im not dealing with it today. does anybody else suffer with this?

Sorry for moaning.

Thank you for listening.


I’m assuming you’ve seen the doc about this? Has he/she considered an xray? if not, then why don’t you ask for one…it maybe a type of arthritis.

It could also be related to a type of migraine. You should really be asking you gp to run some tests.

Everything is not always down to the ms.

Take care


Thanks for the reply.

Ive been in limbo land for a year then got a diagnosis. Of MS and Trigeminal Neuralgia. They said they cant operarate as the ms is around the Trigeminal nerve which is causing pain to my face and gums. Do you think the could weather makes things worse? as the lst 3 days have been rubbish again.

Thanks for talking.

The cold weather definitely doesn’t help…makes my joint pain worse.

Keep warm when you go out and make sure you wear a scarf…roll on summer

Always happy to chat

Yes i will, you wrap up to.

Thank you for the advice.