So much pain advice needed please :-(

Morning all,

I wonder if any of you suffer with occipital neuralgia.

i am not diagnosed with ms, it was mentioned initially by my neuro, but in the light of a clear MRI etc was dismissed and now I am told I have migraines. I asked why I have numb patches that have stayed for over 18 months and got some garbled theory about auras. I have never known a migraine aura to last that long. I have consistently had new patches appear with periods of being unwell. I November last year I started with my right hand and arm cramping, within a day my right hand went numb and a few days later the excruciating pain started in the hand that last weeks.

since then the feeling has never come back. I finally had some nerve tests done of the hand and it was found that I have nerve damage


Yesterday, I woke and noticed a couple of toes were numb but felt like someone was squeezing them, they are still doing that today, but last night about five I started with occipital neuralgia. I have had it in the past, but nowhere near as bad as that. I was nearly crying and passing out with the pain. I got home and took some meds for it, but even this morning it’s still there. My right hand and arm are burning, I am experiencing a lot of twitching all over and the tinnitus I have experienced in my right ear for weeks now is louder than normal.

I went to a different gp a few visits ago who felt that it could still be ms, but at the end of the day, clear MRI’s are proving otherwise.

i guess I am just trying to figure out what others on here think with hindsight and experience.

thanks for reading this


Hi Sam, I hate to see a post go unanswered like your`s, but I am not sure I can help.

I have had 4 MRIs, none of which showed any proof of MS. Likewise for the many other tests too ie LPs, EMGs.

Yet my symtoms were very MS footdrop, spasms, fatgiue, pins and needles.

I haven`t ever had any eye problems.

Hang on in there hun.

luv Pollx

Thanks Poll,

Its crippling me, don’t know how I have hot through another day of it, two days solid now. I think a visit to the gp is in order tomorrow.

thanks again for the answer.

love Sam x

Hi Sam, you really must see your GP quickly to get some pain relief & ask to see another neuro if your symptoms have changed or increased since the last visit.

Hope you get some help

Rosina x

Thanks Rosina for your reply, will definitely be getting an appointment to see him. Woke this morning and it’s still there and I know it will only worsen as the day progresses and I get tired.

thanks again guys

sam xx