Migraines - help please!

Hi all

So I went for my first appt with the neurologist today & I now understand fully the frustrations of limboland!!

! After looking at my brain MRI - done by ENT & referred to Neurology -( which the radiologist had marked ?MS &? ischaemic disease ) she said she thought the foci were not close enough to the ventricles to indicate MS.(Phew!)

Initially, on examination, she queried a problem with my left eye ( where I get the pain etc) but then retested & decided it was normal. Everything else test wise she was happy with. She then said she thought my problems were migraine related ( I didn’t know I had migraines!) & suggested we have a follow up appt in 6 months.

I can understand the connection between vision “spacey” problems, light sensitivity, headaches & migraines but when I asked her to explain the link between pain & pins & needles in my legs & hands/ grip problems / balance issues & migraines & she seemed a bit perplexed .

She suggested I did more stretching for my neck & shoulders ( I do Pilates 5 days a week & have physio/osteopathy monthly so this seemed a bit strange to me.) As the conversation went on (quite amicably) she then decided to send me for a cervical spine mri & some tests for carpal tunnel to clarify my thumb/grip problems.She also mentioned neuropathic pain as a possibilty. I also had an armful of blood taken!!

Any thoughts anybody - so sorry for the long post, but it’s all a bit bewildering!!

Hi cygnet, You must be perplexed I can imagine and would like further explanation to symptoms experienced. I had cervical spine MRI initially as it was though trapped nerve was the problems, get symptoms like you and thought it was shoulder joint or carpel tunnel prob too myself as initial symptoms 12 months ago which increased, spread in December, none of these are the case, don’t know yet any further. I think it will be good for you to have checks if any orthopaedic muscle/skeletal probs? And blood tests can bring up all sorts if you haven’t already had, good MOT. I’m no expert but as I understand from this site alone there are many other neurological type conditions which mimic MS? I hope you get to the bottom of it all, I’m just starting on this road of limbo land and can see how hard it can be. Take care Ally x

Thanks ally for your kind & wise words.:slight_smile: Have you got a date for your neuro appt?

Yes, I’m trying to focus on the positives from the appointment - bloods & another mri. Also I did feel she listened to me - I was the 9.30am appt & she was already running 45mins late so I was confident she was good at listening to people! And she reviewed her treatment after hearing more so I certainly wasn’t fobbed off in the way some people feel they are.

My GP is very good & has booked to speak to me about this appt in 10 days time so I hope he will have the bloods & we can discuss things more then. I thinking about diet changes to try & deal with this leg pain.

Maybe it’s just the emotional rollercoaster catching up with me… I’ll have a glass of wine later & hope for a good night’s sleep! I hope you get one too!

Love & hugs,

C xx

Hi cygnet, Yes it’s 7th April so not long. Glad the battle if someone actually listens to all your concerns and problems I think. I’d be glad of peoples thoughts re good diets which may help too, I do have quite a Mediterranean type diet but with the vit D deficiency need to increase the oily fish, do have fish about 3-4 times a week, used to live in med so am shocked at deficiency, just shows anything can happen! Sleep well, take care Ally x

Hi Cygnet,

The change in diet sounds like a good idea for now. Alot of people swear by MS type diets where your Vitamin intake is increased and alot of unhealthy fats etc are left out. It should set you right if you stick at it. Im on a better diet now, and can already feel the difference.

Everyones’ journey to get to the bottom of their illnesses, takes a long meandering difficult road. Its always going to take time. Ive read some people on this site, getting lots of “its not MS” , before they eventually get to “yes it is MS”. So dont be too put off by how confusing it is. Everything is a possibility until it is confirmed.

I get severe aura migaines (all my life), and am now noticing symptoms that I can swear are not migraine related , which is why Im also seeing a Neuro and why Im on this site seeking advice and help. I also read somewhere that some MS patients get Migraines anyway. Ally is right there are so many Neuro illnesses out there that are all very similar. Ive not been diagnosed yet, and I am expecting my neurologcal problems to be anything.

Good luck Cygnet

Almond xxx