Making a meal of it

Ive had enough! Over the last couple of years I’ve frequently found myself biting the inside of my mouth when I eat, really chomping down causing bleeding and several days of soreness. I know everyone bites themselves sometimes but this seems to often and to severe to be normal! I don’t know if it’s my teeth or ms or eating too quickly or something else, is this commonplace with other MSers?

my teeth are a mess,

always biting the inside of my cheeks.

don’t know if it’s ms or my age.

let’s see if you get many other replies.

Hi Dollydaydream,

It could possibly be something to do with the ‘bite’ of your teeth - meaning that your teeth could be out of line and causing you to bite the insides of your mouth and this can happen when eating something either hard or soft.

Is it possible you could get to a Dentist to get it checked out, or even speak to them on the phone for advice?

I have suffered similar and it was my bite not my MS but having said that I wouldn’t rule it out completely.

Hope you can get this sorted out.

Take Care

Twinkle Toes x

Wow I thought it was just me maybe eating to quickly I have the same thing happen blighting the inside of my cheek and chomping down on it quite hard. I’m glad I’m not the only one

I also scratch/bite or catch my tongue, I thought for a long time I was making “summat out of nothing” but when something seems to become habitual I start talking it more seriously.

but I must admit my teeth aren’t good.

I’ve done that and it’s so painful ! My cheek inside is all ragged where it’s been bit. I just assumed I wasn’t paying attention when eating or eating too much. Thanks for asking dollydaydream x

I’ve always tried to look after my teeth, but age is creeping up on me now. My dentist told me my teeth were in good condition, but my gums are falling out. On the bottom i’ve got a plate with 5 ‘falsies’. Eating is terrible, the plate keeps getting stuck and coming out. I only wear it for show when i’m going out, at home in the house, i don’t bother.