Eating problems!

Hi, does anyone else have problems with chewing food. I can chew and eat normal for a few minutes but then struggle to chew, like it doesn’t have the strength. It quite frustrating, especially when out with friends eating, in some cases I give up and don’t finish my meal as it can be embarrassing. Anyone ekes the same?

I think it’s all part of fatigue problem. Try ordering food that doesn’t take so much chewing… fish is a good one.

I find chewing tiring and have sometimes had something sitting in my mouth which I just haven’t the energy to chew… try to delicately spit it into a napkin… and yes I agree, it’s embarrassing. I now never order steak or anything that takes too much energy to chew… and fish is good for you!

Pat x

I’ve had a problem recently with swallowing hot drinks but I think it’s psychological as I’m fine when I’m on my own or at home. But when I’ve been out recently and had a coffee I’ve ended up having to leave it after a couple of sips because I’m convinced I’m going to splutter it all over the place. Anyone had anything similar?

Yes…but it actually happens to me…had some narrow misses with friends ducking !! According to my speech therapist who deals with swallowing, eating etc, it’s common in MS and is called dysphagia. Xx

Sometimes I feel like I have a raw nerve at the back of my throat and when the food touches it I go into a coughing fit that is anything but ladylike and I’m spluttering food and liquid everywhere. Sooo embarassing in company.

Hilary x

It’s good to know I’m not alone on this one. Yeh I can understand a psychological link to it, it does seem to happen more when I’m in company than when I eat on my own. Suppose I should just get use to it :slight_smile:

Hi, I kind of do, but it is due to a dry mouth caused by some of my meds. I need to have gravy or sauce with everything. Brown bread is harder to chew than white too. But these side effects dont matter much to me, as the meds do a good job.

luv Pollx

i had to give up on eating out, for years i have had to eat in peace and quiet, i cant have any distractions,such as talking or listening to anyone,i have to just focus on my eating,if not i just find it hard to chew and swallow,if i ever did go out for a meal,it had to be easy to chew and swallow foods,things like steak i had to just not have anymore,havent had steak in 20 years lol,it really upset me at first,but i just had to adapt,if not i would get worked up over it.

it also takes me forever to eat a meal,so i tend to just eat little and often,that way it doesnt tire me out as much,its surprising just how much effort goes into eating,you take it for granted when fit and well.

jaki xx


I just ran out of steam the other day - we were out shopping & stopped for something to eat - it took me over an hour to eat a chicken burger - I just got so tired of cutting it up & eating it I nearly gave up - sometimes I think it does take longer to eat & other times not so bad - if you are feeling tired order something easy to eat - I guess its the easiest way - good luck with that.


oh me too!

i never went in a mcdonalds before but now i find that i can eat a filet o fish, small fries and a coffee.

like so many others i cant manage a steak. i cooked a joint of beef the other day and really struggled to eat it.

so i may just live on cornflakes!

carole x