Food stuck

Went for meal out today and for some reason its stuck in the middle of my chest and wont go down. If I was able I would try jumping up and down but alas I cant, so taken a buscopan and only other alternative will be to try make myself sick if it doesnt go down.

Does anyone else have problems with food digestion. I noticed yesterday whilst drinking tea I began coughing as I tried to swollow, so perhaps a warning that all was not well.

If its happened to you what have you done?



I have had similar things happen. I find my food goes down the wrong way a lot of the time. Also if I swallow bread, pancakes etc it always gets stuck half way down so I avoid those now. It could be that I eat too fast as I do love my food lol. I hope you get better soon and its a one off.

Hi Bren I don’t have this but sounds scary, just want to say that I am thinking about you. Cheryl:-)

Hi Bren, Poor you, I get this but only with pills, they always get stuck in my chest, I think mine eventually desolve, hope it gets better soon, it’s really painfull. Julsiexx

Hi Bren,

I get this but the food gets stuck in my throat and on occasions I’ve had to cough it back up. Or I’ve eaten something else or had a drink, but find having that extra to eat usually helps. Hope you manage to overcome this. Try taking smaller mouthfalls, that does work for me, but then I’m always the last to finish a meal. But it’s worth it.

Janet x

Hi Bren,

I get this at times, mines the worst when i swallow the first mothful,it takes ages to go down, and then its ok,its so annoying when it happens, and painfull too.

jaki xx

Same experiences as eveyone else.
Must take smaller mouthfulls - particularly when it is bread or similar.
MS does have an adverse effect on the top end of the digestive tract. Mind you, the effect of Parkinsons is even worse, and leads to eating even slower.


Please please please can all the people that find they are modifying what they eat to softer options,coughing alot after and during eating,struggling with bread (in particular white bread) coughing on liquids or saliva please seek advice from speech and language.They are usually based with the same team as the physio and OT.

Many people are at high risk of aspiration without knowing it and aspiration pnuemonia is a serious problem,even a less serious chest infection will still play havoc with the ms.

Thank you.



I have had experience of choking when I know theres no food there! Very scary. Like throat is closing and opening. Pip is right re speech therapy-they can offer suggestions. The main bebefit I found is not to panic-kinda hard when struggling to get breath, I am bright red and eyes are streaming BUT knowledge is power and when you know that it is temporary and will pass then it is easier to deal with. (every second feels like a minute but it does pass)

Ellie x

The last time I had trouble swallowing about a month or so ago and some liquid went down the wrong way, as usual my throat contracted in panic, I was barely capable of drawing breath, for some reason, during that incident I shut my mouth and breathed in through my nose, immediately my air way relaxed and I was fine.

I assume this is a panic reaction and the distraction of switching to breathing through my nose instantly stopped me having it.

If possible, and you have the presence of mind to do this, it may help you control your laboured breathing if liquid or saliva accidently goes down the wrong way.

Hi to all of you.

I have also had this problem and was assessed by a “speach therapist” who was forwarded to me by my OT. I have just had the report back and it says " prolonged oral phase" which means that I have a delayed swallow action which causes food to stay in my throat etc for longer than is normal. I also have difficulty swallowing dryer foods, pills etc and I was advised that the way to help this was to make sure that I have a little drink just before I take a mouthfull of food etc. and then a drink straight afterwards. I have found that this helps a lot.

I was also told to cut out/down on my caffeine intake as this aadds to my problems with my swallowing and my reflux problems.

In essence anyone with swallowing problems etc should report them to their MS Nurse and their OT as the Speach Therapist was incredibly helpful.

Hope this helps you all.

Lots of love

Anna xx

Hi, yes I’ve had this acouple of times, not very nice, they say its the muscle going into spasm, I get the tightness in my chest and throat alot, but thankfully not the food get stuck bit, take care, Jean

Thank you to all who replied. MS Nurse rang today to ask if I could pop along to see neuro as further tests required.

So just wanted to say, if you do indeed experience similar or same as me, please ring your ms nurse so you too can be seen and remedies/solutions to manage the situation found.

Take care,