Has anyone else had this happen?

Hi all,hope all as well as can be?

This may sound silly, but the other day I was having a drink through a straw and suddenly my tongue got in the way so I bit it and for some reason I could not move it so I ended up biting it several times. I was really strange. I don’t know how to explain it any better.

I just wondered if this has happened to anyone?


Oh dear, this post sounds really silly now and I am wishing I hadn’t put it on here. I know we all often accidentally bite our tongue’s, but this was different.

Hi, no need to feel daft about your post.

I often bite my tongue or cheek when eating.

Have you been diagnosed with MS? Just wondering if it is a case of the messages from your brain, telling your tongue to move, were lost or delayed…as happens in MS.


Thank you Poll for your reply. Yes, I am always biting my tongue and cheek when I eat and also in my sleep. I used to go to bed with cotton wool stuffed in my mouth (not recommended) every night.

Yes I have been diagnosed with MS.

Anyway this was different somehow, but I guess just another of the weird MS symptoms that we have to put up with.


Hi Jaycie. I agree with Poll on this one, likely be to do with the messages. Think about it! your tongue is a muscles like any other muscle in your body. So not a silly question at all.

Hi Jaycie

I also have a rogue tongue which can be a damn nuisance. Eating out has to be managed as I have a tendancy to end up with food up the front of my teeth on one side and yes can bite my tongue and more than once within seconds.

Its when I have managed for a while without trouble and then it is as if I need to be reminded that my tongue can do what it likes - ha.

Inconvenitently, mt tongue now has altered sensations which is just weird.

Such is life…



I too regularly bite the inside of my cheek or my tongue. Think Poll is right - must relate to messages being altered / getting lost. Perhaps yours went on a longer than normal detour to explain the ‘stuck’ sensation? Take care. xx

I had MS for many years before getting a diagnosis. I had a really bad reoccurance of the epstein barr virus and had a migraine for over a week so the Dr. ordered a head MRI which got me to my diagnosis (finally). During this time, abput 1 month, I bit completely through my tongue on the right side while eating, 3 times, It left a hole all the way thru my tongue. Luckily I haven’t had any reoccurance of this in the last 6 years until a couple days ago. Now I have bitten the left side of my tongue at least 5 times in the last 3 days. II haven’t bit all the way thru, but it still hurts like hell. I mentioned it to my Neurologist and he said he had nevr heard of it…I’ve never really bitten my tomgue before. It’s reallu weird how all of a sudden my tongue moves over to the sode of my mouth so it can be bitten. My common sense tells me that since the tomgue is a big muscle, it makes sense that muscle eakness could cause this to ha[pen. An interesting coincidence is that during the ime when I was biting my tonge and for 2 years after I had horrible problemsnot getting any sleep,…so badly I would hallucinate due to lack of sleep,…Usually only being able to get around 20 m9nutes at a time. After that time my sleep problems flipped and I had huge problemsa staying awake. I have to take an rntire day’s worth of medication at once just to wake up and only would be awake around 6 hours a day. Just recently I started having problems getting sleep again. I sleep for about 4 hours at a time. I just changed insurance and have to get a new Neurologist, so I will ask the new doc if this is "normal.