Does anyone have this?

For a long time now I have been “gurning” - pulling my face, pouting, holding my jaw in an odd way so I am always catching the inside of my mouth on my teeth etc etc. It is pretty much permanent and I sometimes find myself with my tongue sticking out or dribbling. The phrase “bulldog chewing a wasp” has been used.

Very attractive indeed

Like I said, it has been there for a long time - probably since the catastrophic relapse I had in 2010 that triggered my DX - but was the least of my problems then what with not being able to walk hardly at all and ****ing myself on regular occasions etc - but as my major problems have reduced in their severity my face pulling and jaw clenching remains. It definitely became worse in the last couple of months following a (relatively mild) relapse then.

I will be mentioning it to my Neuro next week but, before he laughs, does anyone here recognise this as one of the glorious spectrum of MS symptoms or is it just that I am a natural munter?

By heck, is there no end to what MS can do? It really is the gift that keeps on giving of diseases isn’t it?

Yes I find myself pulling faces, screwing it up as my husband calls it. And squinting, even though it doesn’t improve my eyesight. I also stick my tonue out or bit my lip when I’m concentrating and I have to concentrate to do the slightest little thing. You don’t want to see the faces I’m pulling as I type this!

I’m also always catching the inside of my mouth.

I don’t think I 've mentioned it to the neuro as my memory is even worse than the face pulling, but as least you know you’re not the only one.xxjo

“I am a natural munter?”

I’m afraid I shall abstain from answering that!

I don’t have this problem, but then I am still in my first year of relapsing so I have lots of “gifts” to look forward to. It couldn’t be a stroke could it?

Other then that I’m afraid I have nothing really helpful to add other then if you keep a digestive biscuit in your mouth you won’t drool so much!

Probably should mention it to GP or Neuro though…for a less stupid persons opinion.

I often clentch my teeth and always look angry,even when I am happy.

I recently had to go to the dentist as an emergency.During the night the full body spasms/stiffness I clentch my teeth together and cracked a few of them,one loosing a good chunk.

The dentist told me I had masses of scaring on the inside of my mouth caused by this biting down and grinding of teeth.

I do recognise some of these things, pulling facial muscles and even had a locked jaw for a while, particularly embarrasing is the the dibbling and I have to be careful that I don’t spit at people when I am talking to them. Very embarrasing.


Please don’t worry about telling neuro. It must be a lesion in the area that controls facial muscles… I would think (guessing… I’m no expert). But definitely tell him. There might be something that can help.

You have my sympathy. Sounds like a distressing symptom and I hope neuro can do something.

Pat x

Hi , this is such an interesting post. Many many years ago before I was diagnosed , so going back well over 20 years, I used to dribble for no apparent reason. It happened mainly when I was in bed so wasn’t much of an issue. I never mentioned it to anyone, but it seemed strange to me that this should happen, after all I wouldn’t expect most other young women to dribble. I can’t remember how long I had it for, on and off for several years I think but I’m guessing now and it was a long time ago. I haven’t had it at all since diagnosis (1995) so maybe yours will go away too. In fact I had forgotten about it until I saw your post but mine was no where as bad as yours sounds. Your post is interesting because it’s not something I see mentioned a lot on here. Cheryl:-)

I don’t know if it’s anything to do with it, but I always wake up in the mornings with an intense frown.

You know, when you’re supposed to wake up feeling refreshed.

I’ve come to the conclusion it must be because I’m in pain and discomfort during the night, so I’m frowning in my sleep.


Hi, me again, what Tina says also strikes a chord with me cos my husband says I always have a frown on my face when I am in bed. He’s right, I do. Cheryl:-)