Grinding/clenching teeth

Does anyone else have a problem with this or is it just me? Is this anything to do with MS?

For the last few months I have noticed that I am clenching my jaw most of the time. The best way that I can describe it is that it is like my jaw and teeth don’t fit together comfortably any more. (It is not painful just annoying - I am not gurning like a loon but I am aware that I am clenching my teeth/holding my jaws tight together) )

Anyone else heard of this as a symptom of MS? Like a form of spacisity in the muscles of the jaw? Or is it because I am just odd and a bit tense at the moment? (My husband calls me his little panic ferret" which caused my MS nurse to have hysterics when we saw her last )


I don’t know if it’s ever an MS thing, but it can certainly be a side-effect of some anti-depressants. I don’t know if you are on any, but I mention it only because many people with MS are.


I have come across this several times before, in people without MS. It was one of the symptoms of stress that they suffered.


I have had this for many years n believe it’s connected to ms, it does cause quite bad dental n sinus pain at times as well, it’s like a muscle spasm and sometimes like a clonic jerk where the jaw snaps shut, am pretty sure it’s ruining my teeth n causing pain but nothing seems to affect it, it’s either there or it’s not, doesn’t relate to anxiety levels but suppose anxiety does set it off? HoPe it’s not too troublesome for you x

Read somethng years ago about TMJ (temporomandibular joint syndrome) which seems to be exacerbated by MS. I’ve had TMJ since I was a child (clicky jaw, sometimes I can’t even open it enough to eat an apple and its worse if I talk too much). I have some rxercises to do which help, as did a short course of nortryptiline. I do find I grind my teeth at night and often have sore spots on my tongue, or gums where the teeth grinding has got in the way.

Hi x I’vebeen grinding my teeth in my sleep since I was a child. It’s strange but I have woken up doing it but can’t actually grind them when try to do it when I’m awake!!

As an adult it has come and gone over the years and it definitely gets worse when I have been going through stressful periods.

However since falling ill with MS type symptoms 3 years ago - the nightime teeth grinding has got constant and significantly worse - It leaves me with teeth ache and jaw ache all day.

Also for the last few months I’ve been having sudden jaw spasms in the daytime that are so violent and painful it feels like I’m going to rip my teeth out! I’ve actually cracked my wisdom tooth!!!

I’ve noticed that this happens when I’m having the constant eye twitching and eye spasms and a cold, numb, painful to touch sensation in my scalp on that side

Don’t know if that helps other than to let you know you are definitely not alone!! xxxjenxxx

Hi I don’t have this symptom but my daughter does. She doesn’t suffer stress but grinds her teeth at might which spasms the muscles and gives her headaches. We went to the dentist and had a special sheild made to protect her teeth and to lessen the muscle spasms caused by the grinding. It has eased it for her so I’d recommend visiting the dentist to see if this could help you to.

I hope this helps, Mary ((((Hugs))))

I have this symptom I bite down on my bottom teeth hard daily even to the point I feel movement in my back teeth. I asked at the hospital but he never gave me an answer.