Im on a roll this morning, does anyone grind there teeth while they are asleep, been doing this for a while and it wakes me up, just wondered if this was a new symptom,cos i dont know.Never done this before. x

Glad you brought this up Whitespirit. :slight_smile: Not sure if I grind mine but I’ve been clenching them for a couple of months now and it’s making my jaw hurt! Hope we both get some answers.

Hello there, my dentist told me I was grinding my teeth whilst I was asleep although I was not aware of it. My front teeth were chipping and others have ridges on them which are symptomatic. I have to wear a dental plate (plastic thing a bit like the guard rugby players wear) at night. Rather uncomfortable and makes me sleep with my mouth open so giving me a dry throat and swallowing problems but I’d rather that than damage my teeth further.

Speak to your dentist poerhaps? Or MS Nurse?


My friend (who also had MS) used to grind his teeth at night, and his dentist told him that this was due to MS. He wasn’t allowed to use one of those ‘teeth shields’ (try saying that when you’ve had a few!) because of the choking hazard, but in the end his biting when asleep got so bad that he used to bite into his tongue which was extremely painful of course. I am sure that I must do a lot of tooth grinding too, as my teeth are pretty worn down.

my dentist told me that i grind my teeth although i was totally unaware.

i might try one of those “teeth shields” just for the fun of saying it when i’ve had a few!

carole x

Me too Mags! Was going to post this as a question, its driving me nuts, and hurts like hell!

I grind, clench in the night (oooh that sounds a bit odd), I have scars inside my mouth where I am constantly chewing (for want of a better word) the inside of my mouth.

hi all,

I whent through this myself about 6 months ago didn’t realise i was doing it at first but then became aware that my jaws were starting to ache all the time it was when i was going through a lot of stress with my benefits appeal which since have been sorted and it whent as easy as it came so i guessing it was worrying that might have brought it on. Gary.

I have clenched/grinded for years. People always said it was stress related but I wasn’t stressed constantly for years. My dentist says that I clench more than grind and he says it’s due to an overbite and that I should have had braces when I was younger. I do have a guard which does help. It wasn’t till after DX that I realised is was an MS thing. Who knows why I do it but it does ruin your teeth if you are not careful

I would recommend the guard.



I too have been grinding my teeth for years at night. I had a mouthguard made by my dentist and it does help although people tend to spit it out in their sleep. I also clench my mouth tightly during the day too. Don’t know if it’s MS related but I too also have a probllem with Trigeminal Neuralgia

Take Care Buffy x

Morning, I just felt I had to reply to this for 2 reasons, 1 I too grind my teeth or did, have done for years, I now wear a gum shield, 1 because of the grinding and 2 because my husband made me some lovely veneers for my front teeth due to gums recinding, my husband is a dental technician, there the people that make you you’re new teeth, you’re gum shields, not you’re dentist, you’re dentist takes an impression sends it off to a lab and the technician does the rest, in reply to one other point if the gumshield is made right, ie you’re dentist has taken the impression correctly then you shouldn,t be able to spit it out, I can’t with mine, I’m really sorry if this reply sounds snotty, I don’t mean it too, it’s just that dentists always get the praise for my lovely new teeth when they haven’t made them, technicians don’t get any, they only get it in the neck when somthing goes wrong, now I’ll get off my hobby horse, take care, Jean x