peed mesen!

I know peeing yourself isnt summat normally to be celebrated…


when it happened today…first for months and months actually…but it was completely contained in my pad…didnt even wet the wheelchair cushio nor any part of my trews!

easy sorted, with the help of mr Polly…theres no way I couldve sorted it mesen!

just thought I`d share that with you!


“Contained-ulations and celebrations…” :smiley:

I blame brain fog for the amount of time it just took me to work out how to mix ‘contained’ and ‘congratulations’ haha!

Well… Thanks for sharing poll … Most people share mints but heck that would be boring ! No one can call you selfish ! Very pleased and long may the celebrations continue more bunting needed … Truly lovely that you shared the moment with Mr Poll and then us after all sharing is caring x