Passing Numbness

Today whilst I was in town with my partner out of nowhere the end of my left pinkie finger went completely numb. It was kind of uncomfortable in the sense that it was so severe and quick. It ended up passing within 2 hours, just wondering if anyone else has had this. Do you reckon it could be the cold weather?


Tsuki xx

I’ve had that with my left toe and I initially wondered if it was down to my new shoes, though I’d already worn them quite a few times before, and since, with no numbness. My right toe is often quite numb anyway.

My legs have got considerably worse. At night sometimes I have to move or look at my legs to see what position I have them in. It gets worse the longer I’m up too.

The numbness i have just stays numb, doesn’t come and go. It is just patches and not whole limbs. It is very annoying.

My thumb and back of foot had been numb for weeks! :frowning: