Paper and paint- not ms

Hope you are all as well as can be!

Am currently sitting in my kitchen which resembles a bombsite! My children are preparing for our local carnival, and i’ve got strings accross the room whith paper pegged on them for the paint to dry.

There’s paint on the table, taps, floor and walls! Even one of my dogs has got an unusual green splodge on her!

My husband poked his head around the door, and after taking one look at the scene of organised chaos, has decided the cars are in need of a wash. I havn’t seen him since, and that was over two hours ago! My car had better be sparkling when he comes back.

I do believe I can even splash of orange paint on the ceiling!

Sitting here surrounded by all this youthful artisrty, I realise how lucky I am to have such an amazing family. Who cares if my house isn’t spotless and pristine if anyone calls in, take us as you find us.

Life’s too short not to enjoy it as much as you can, and I’m making the most of this half term holidays and spending every possible moment with my beautiful family!

Feeling positive

Freckles xxx

hi freckles

children need to be able to express themselves so you’re doing a grand job!

i used to pin lining paper all round the garden fence for my two to paint.

kids from the next street used to ask if they could join in!

carole xxxxxxx

hmmmmm - orange and green - interesting colour scheme you have going there!!!

I’m stuck at work with the rain pouring outside so I’m glad some-body is having fun.

JBK xx

Good for you Freckles, sounds like you’ve been having fun.

I remember when my two were young, they used to like me to empty the pantry, so we could play shops Lol. The three of us would take turns in being the shopkeeper…happy days

Noreen xx

Hi freckles sounds like your having great fun. I was just about to have a rant about making a ‘talking box’ for Callum starting school, we only got the letter from nursery with 4 days notice. Which I know sounds plenty time but now with delightful ms and 2 small kids it is like no time at all. But Callum wanted his dad to help. He could be bothered came in and I told him to go up to 3rd floor and my card making stuff has every colour of card, pen etc. After his dad left I was fuming he’d tore a bit of paper stuck it roughly on with cello tape and scribbled a shark on. I know it’s only a box but he’s taking it to start school with him and to be proud of it. There was no colour looked like a box from a Halloween movie. He tore a bit of paper on and got Callum to write his name. I know I’m maybe a perfectionist but Callum had in his mind sharks and dinosaurs. The Inside of the box had stickers which looked good apart from the Rips. So have just spent this evening making it bright blue and green and printed off dinosaur and shark images for Callum to cut and stick on. And cut out blue card for him to write his name, Good on you for enjoying it. I hate this sort of thing and my heads thumping. Think I need a chill pill lol Em x

Sounds great! Love the idea of a painted dog :slight_smile: x

Proper child’s play I love it. My family and I are always out and about in woods and the beach and country parks. Can’t beat it. quality family time, with not a screen in sight!

I bet Callum will love his talking box, and be really proud of it. My girls have always loved creating their own masterpieces. My kitchen has always resembled a craft heaven, with paint, paper and pva glue everywhere!!

My lovely colour scheme orange and green was due to us making loads of coral to on the skirt of our carnival float. We’re doing the little mermaid. I’m going to be Ursula the sea witch, my lovely husband reckons I won’t need to do much to look like her!!! Cheek of it.

As to my gorgeous golden retriever who now resembles a green alien being, she is far too nosey and kept getting in the way! Maybe she thought I needed an extra large paint brush! At one point her tail flicked in the paint, hence the paint on the ceiling.

Oh happy days.

Freckles xxx

Sounds lovely, Freckles I bet your float will be fantastic and your kids will be all the more proud of it because they have put so much work into it. Perhaps the dog is keen to be on the float too? :wink: My son used to love making Christmas cards for friends and family. We had the smallest kitchen you can imagine yet we still gained friends’ children on a Saturday morning through November and December so their kids could make some too. We had poster paints in every colour and loads of stencils, stamps, sequins and glitter. It was all very Art Attack and kept them busy all morning. It kept me busy all afternoon cleaning up the mess lol. I miss those times, Jamie will be 21 in October and I hope if he ever has kids of his own he will remember activities like that for them. Tracey xx