Am I wasting my money?? Not ms

So my 8 yr old daughter has a bedroom full of toys and she has spent the last 2 days sat in a giant cardboard box in the middle of the living room! She has decorated the inside and if anyone annoys her she closes the flaps and sulks inside it.

She is a total crackpot

So…she takes after her mother then lol ha ha ha

(meant in the nicest possible way )

Any bad points my kids may have come from my husbands side (well except their maths ability they DEFINITELY didnt get that from me)

Nikki- love it love it love it I have a 7 year old niece in law. Through sister in law problems we haven’t really connected with Rachel. So thinking of organising a Rachel day of fun. Inviting her round to play games - with grandparents too. They too have same problem of no connection it is just so sad for them. Thinking snakes and ladders one of my current favourite games. So now cardboard box could feature too - will need to get coloured pens, sickers and perhaps glitter!!! Thanks for your inspiration Hugs and lots of giggles Minxxx

Sounds normal to me lol! My four and two year olds have bedrooms full of toys but just spent hours playing ‘telescopes’ with an old kitchen roll tube! Bargain!

Nooooooo min not glitter, you will be cleaning it up for months!! Last time my daughter used it my husband went to work with his suit covered in it, he looked like Elto John

Kitchen roll tubes are great, tape 2 together and make binoculars!

Daughter has a friend here now and they are both in the box

Hey nikki - thanks for the glitter tip. So it will just me sparkly stickers instead. Ooo oo oo just thought can you not get glitter pens where it’s all mixed in with glue so doesn’t go AWOL??? Will look on amazon Must be a big box for the 2 of them- I might get one for myself when husband annoys me. So it will be min sulking in the box!!! Now thinking what can I buy that comes in a big box? This thread is such fun - thanks I need it right now . You are making me smile and chuckle Hugs Min xx

Hi Nikki

For many years I was a child minder, and I always found that the kids all prefered a cardboard box than any toys I provided. An empty square box could be made into a TV and a huge box could be a puppet show. They loved it and kept them quiet for hours!

When my daughter was 2 we bought her a huge kitchen for Xmas. Was particularly funny when she climbed into the box and was in awe of that rather than the actual present!

I would agree with everyone about NO to glitter… horrible stuff! I constantly had glitter on my face and in my hair.

Perhaps next Xmas you should wrap up some empty boxes :slight_smile:


Yes you can get glitter pens. If you have one go to the pound shop they have loads of stuff like that.

Yes it is a massive box, hubby was annoying me last night and I threatened to tape him into it and send him somewhere far away lol.

The did both fit in but it capsized and landed on one of the dogs. They didnt learn though and they are back in it eating icelollies. (The dog has flounced out to the garden )

We cross posted P but yes, I was a nanny for years and it was the same, boxes are a childcarers best friend

My daughter does normally make it into a house but this time she has a cushion in at and sits in it!!!

You have given me an idea, instead of wrapping all her presents this christmas I’m just going to put them in a big box.

I always kept a box full of stuff to do “makey” things with. It was called the blue peter box.

All the kids in the street used to come for makey days where imagination ran riot rather than todays electronic gadgets and repetative strain of the thumbs.

I cant wait for grandkids to create a new one.

The other favourite was making dens with the clothes airer, tables and chairs and very blanket,sheet they could lay their hands on.

Cant imagine what choas my balance will cause to the resulting obstacle course nowadays mind.



This year I bought a big box (girly type princess one) and filled it with bits and pieces for my 7 year old neice. She loved it. It was all kinds of doing/making things that I had collected for her all year.

My sister was a little peeved when my neice said my present was the best she had ever had :smiley: and to think in total it had cost me about £20! All the bits were from pound shops etc :smiley:

Just shows that kids dont actually need alot of material things (only when they get to secondary school and get competitive).