What a lovely mix, chocolate and

decorations down AND chocolate, yumTake care guys, M

The other day a neighbor gave me an UNWANTED GIFT of M&S chocolate truffles. I think you girls would agree, to call a box of chocolate truffles an ‘UNWANTED GIFT’ is chocolate blasphemy! Is the woman mad? (And yes it was a woman!). However her loss was my considerable gain. I scoffed the lot. M isn’t it wonderful when the decorations come down? It’s almost worth the slog of putting them up just to enjoy the delight of taking them down again. Suddenly your home looks twice the size and clean and uncluttered… Have a lovely weekend, Pat xxx (smilie face)

All mine down now too…tree yesterday … Cards and bits today! House looks fresh and uncluttered! No chocolate though ( tearful smiley face !) Nina x

Well done for hanging on so long, I got frustrated with the clutter and took my tree and decs down on new year’s eve. No chocolate on it but I’m going to admit that I’ve still got a box of choc to give away as I’m not a great lover of them, I’d rather have a mars bar over a box. I know it sounds silly but hey, it’s the truth. I’ve given the others away. My daughter will probably eat it given half a chance.

Take care

Cath xx

Ah girls and I thought I was alone in taking great delight in taking down decorations. Unfortunately I cannot last longer than the day after boxing day before I am itching to remove them. I am always worried the dogs may chew something, knock the tree over or get into some other sort of Christmas mischief. Never thought I would say it but I was given so much chocolate that I ended up taking loads to work for staff to share otherwise I would need a completely new (2 sizes bigger) wardrobe. However I could never give away my Green and Black organic Hot Chocolate!

Some people are just a bit strange :wink:

I have almost finshed the whopping box of belgian chocs my sister got me and I feel a bit guilty whenever I look at it, it was huge! :smiley:

Hey ho, 2014 is gonna be a bit warmer for me and I like that :wink:

Fingers crossed we all have a comfortable 2014 anyway!

Sonia x