Looking for old photos!

Truly it’s accidently, I’m looking for old photos of familyAND I’m accidently tiding!. You know me better than that, I’m in a guddle, that place where you have made more mess than thought physically possible. Does anyone know that place? Don’t look down M it will be better when you’re finished. Take care, guys be safe M

Now I’m talking to myself, no I’m not I am

Hi M

I am very familiar with that place! In fact I visit it quite often. Lol

Hope you are doing OK

Pam x

Yes I know that place well. I always remember you have to break a few eggs to make an omelette! Pat xx

Hmmmmm not me my clearer and sorter out is but ME? No not ME

I am there now. Decluttering for selling house in a couple of months. I am in a guddle too. When we moved here 11 years ago, I vowed I would never clutter this house. It hasn’t worked. Where does it all come from? I am sure I never bought any of this stuff. A lot of it belong to my three girls who have all moved out. How do you downsize from a three bedroom house to a two bedroom flat with no loft or much storage? I guess I just have to be ruthless. Mags xx

Be ruthless. Think if I saw this in a shop today would I buy it? If answer is no, send it to charity shop. Might make someone else very happy. Or if you have the energy you could make a few quid on eBay. I don’t know where it al comes from. I’m always having clear-outs and still got too much stuff! Pat xx

We’re trying to clear stuff out because we are having builders in in July to make the house (Edwardian semi) easier for me. eBay, freecycle, charity shops, relatives, the dump, anywhere! It’s really impossible for me to help much, apart from saying ‘keep’ or ‘chuck’. Ruth is only 5foot so a lot of the reaching, loft clearing and carrying has to be done by one of our friends. We have a list of ‘tall person jobs’ and anyone who drops by who falls into that category gets roped in. Ruth has photographed the loft and the study for me because I can’t get into either, and I can’t remember where everything is. We’ve got boxes everywhere waiting to go to their new homes. It is a good feeling, like shedding a skin, especially for me getting rid of workshop stuff and musical gear that I’ll no longer use. Sniff, sob.

Toooooo horrible for wordsruthless/charity/omelette, it use to fit in the bottom of a cupboard NOW it’s in 2 large stackers. Never again, the photos are lovely, memory lane and losing 50 odd years (shhhh don’t tell anyone) the photos are now in an album/s. No, I’ve not got them in any order that is for another day/month/year/decade??? Be safe guys, M

Hi M

I love looking at old photos, brings lovely memories flooding back.

Hope you have a good day.

Pam x