Now I'm settled

This is misleading. When I say I’m settled…


Steve , it will get better , I think you are doing amazing after such a short time. This week I’ve felt down over the clutter in my house , the workmen doing the dormers have been here for about 6 weeks now , evey morning feels like an invasion, they are nice guys but I will be glad when it’s finished, there’s so much stuff in all the wrong places I can’t find things I need and I feel so untidy . I hope that you manage to feel settled soon and well done for getting rid of cds. I’ve told Lee that we must put everything back upstairs I hope that he will get rid of some of his books , he loves books but we’ve accumulated far too much. Michelle and Frazer xx


I’m getting rid of books as well. There are a few I will keep:

Dinosaurs of the earth. I won this in a year six painting competition.

The music books I won in Wallasey Grammar for being an outstanding music student and the ones my mum gave me.

That’s it. My eyesight is ok but I have no desire to read. I’d rather write. Oh and the carrot cookbook because I love carrots. I’m all booked up.

I’ll have a purge on clothes soon.

Cathartic or what?

x woof

XX Steve X Don

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Thinking of you Steve,

Take it slowly…it’s not going anywhere!

Nina x