The people who matter


Things like this stop me sinking into a pit of self-pity. The influence of this person is still with me and I am a better person for it.


135 Highfield Road looks like a good place to explore & Eva seamed a lovely woman. Take care out there Steve. Yet again you have inspired me to power up the noise system & tickle a few keys, buttons, dials & sliders. Terry

Lovely story Steve. She had a massive affect on your life . Ben has a piano I love hearing him play he’s very good. How is the move going ? I seem to remember that you were delayed. Michelle and Frazer xx

Just wondered of you’d moved yet Steve ? I was thinking about you and hoping that it wasn’t too stressful. Michelle and Frazer xx

Hello Michelle.

I’m still waiting to exchange. It should be this week but I’m cool… I’ve done all I can. The real work starts when I have to arrange building work. And you know what that’ll be like!

At the same time, my dad’s old house is nearly ready to go on the market.

In a perfect world, it would fall together beautifully.

Steve x woof

It all seems to come at once Steve , but we are made of tough stuff ! Like they say ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ I remember all to well the stress of our last move. We were living in Bolton and moved for Lee’s work. It was so stressful but we both younger then, it seems crazy now moving with seven children and Molly and Isabelle were babies . The things you do ! This house was virtually derelict we had so much to do , I’m not sure how we managed it . The builders are here again this morning, they are so friendly and very tidy… but the mess the noise and the invaded feeling it’s so hard to keep cheerful. I’m off out now , we are taking the babies to tumble tots , Rochelle is on her way to pick us up, best get Frazer ready. Take care , I hope it all goes well. Michelle and Frazer xx

Not anon it’s me and Frazer xx