Here we go again

Sleepless in the Bastille.

I’ve named my new block the Bastille. The road is Montargis Way, named after our twin town.

Apart from the football, being positive is work in progress. New flat, new hazards. The average age de Bastille must be well over 75. I know it’s not my age, I have dreams, sorry nightmares of zimmer-framed old dears chasing me round shouting “young man” but this place will be ideal for me.

The earliest time I can get a builder is late October so I’m looking for a plumber so I can have a dishwasher and washing machine. My travel chair needs replacing after it let me down on the way to town. My dear diminutive friend Emily heroically pushed me back in the searing heat. Then it worked again but I don’t think it’s fit to take me around the country. The shower doesn’t work; more money and I’m still waiting for broadband. 3 cheers for BT fon. This week will be a flat packed frenzy. If I could get some friends around.

Happy days.


Been their Steve. My neighbours have been dropping like flies since I moved in. The once blue sirens of the Police & Riot vans, have been replaced with Ambulances. I go shopping & meals on wheels services turn up.

4 years in this new prison camp & already judged to be a loon, because I’ve built a gazebo & do modern things.

I’ve become the local Ebay shop. They place their orders & I’m hoping they pay me for their purchases.

If I’m seen with a tool or a paint brush, I’m their handy man.

I’m building an outdoor bench with LED lighting & plug sockets. The looks I get are hilarious & everything I do is questioned. It’s a cross between being in a Kinder Garden & Question Time. Getting a history lesson & hearing Jack & Norey tales, from folks who don’t even speak our native tongue.

You’ll settle one day Steve. Just hope their relatives haven’t all been released from prison & remember the Taxi drivers learn everything. To share with their contacts on the gravy train. So be very cautious & get to know things before they do.

Good luck getting everything fixed & homely. I’m off to buy some 4x2 from B&Q. Scooby Dooby Doo.

Terry is constantly learning stuff & I want to know less each day.

Gosh Steve, a washing machine is a basic requirement these days, especially as you can’t get down to the river and thrash your clothes on the rocks!

Is there any ms support group near you for help and advice? Apart from the obvious recommendation for builders and plumber, you might be able to get a grant for some essential goods or work?

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Hi there Steve. I hope the move is going okay & the systems are getting sorted to carry on with the adventure.

Stick at it & maybe England will win the world cut, to put the icing on the cake.

Terry Cherry is off on a Brian Ferry.

Poppy, the only thing to put on the rocks is whisky.

Terry, as I write the plumber is sounding like Polly Styrene and X-ray Specs or is that his drill?

The tv/music/broadband is all set up now; so important. Remember the Spitting Image Brian Ferry? Every time he moved his head, tons of grease poured forth onto anyone else around. A bit like the Roy Hattersley puppet and his free-flowing saliva.

Make it swing in Acapulco we are flying down to Riooooooohhhhh.

Spitting image should be remade for this new lot of dysfunctional excuses. What a great show that was. Like Kenny Everiot, in the best possible taste. I’m watching less & less TV these days. It gets my blood boiling even more in this heat. You are quite right to get your gadget system, set up first. We wont be running any marathons & the nearest is the dearest. Remember to stock up on some garlic. It keeps Peter Cushion away.

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Hi Steve ,sorry that you are having a hard time. I hope that things get fixed for you. For the last 2 days we’ve had no hot water its good job it’s hot weather. The kids don’t mind cold showers and I’m I just having a strip wash I don’t think I could cope with a cold shower. It’s only till Friday we’ll manage till then. The work is coming along fine . Every morning the workmen have been arriving at 8. Molly loves them …2 of them are only young lads. She mithers all but they are so kind to her evening sharing ice lollies with her . I thought with her being loud she’d get on their nerves but they told me she makes it fun. I hope that you get a new chair soon Steve , the nhs chairs are brilliant because they regularly service them , I’m on my 3rd set of batteries but I use mine a lot and I think the 1st batteries were faulty because they’d been on the shelf for too long. Take card Steve and I hope you manage to feel more at home soon. Michelle and Frazer xx

Michelle, I’ve just had to fork out £2100 for a new outside chair. Ironically my old one has been fine so it’s now tucked away for emergencies.

On August the 1st, I’m going to Eastbourne to select an NHS chair. I’m hoping for fine weather because I love Eastbourne. Today I had the washing machine and dishwasher plumbed in and had a new shower unit fitted. But the best bit was a pub lunch with my friends from physio. It’s great when you can be yourself, you don’t have to excuse yourself for being disabled and we just understand each other.

The flat now looks civilised and I will now organise some building work. The earliest is the end of October but I’m cool.

Steve x woof

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Aww Steve it’s good to feel yourself I know exactly what you mean . At the weekend I went to an event in Manchester and met a lovely lady also in a wheelchair we were chatting for ages it’s amazing how you can feel such a rapor with people going through the same thing . I felt for her because her council were strict over who they gave nhs chairs to and although she had a little mobility she had problems with her bones and had suffered 22 breakage. She only had a manual chair it was such a shame . She was such a lovely person and so positive and had her friends little boy sat on her knee for quite a bit of the day. Seeing her inspired me . I’m going again to a Liverpool event this year in August and will probaby have Naomi and Laura on my knee. Glad you’ve got your washing machine sorted it’s quite an essential thing Steve. Take care Frazer says hello woof woof. I’ve been trying to groom him he hates it and my arms go all weak so I don’t do such a good job. Michelle and Frazer xx

Great to read Steve. Say hi to Eastbourne for me! I liked living there, then on to Polegate. Enjoy your time out and about.