Forget that one

Well that was a brutal week.

When the people around you let you down, I’m left wondering why those who hide behind a veil of righteousness try to hide their nastiness with half truths. No I won’t even consider discussing your self centred grubby little motives in a civilised manner so you can feel better about yourselves.

I get walked all over and then get told I’m being unreasonable because I’m angry.

Last night I spent six hours on the living rom floor after a fall. I pressed my lifeline at 00.15 and was picked up at 06.15. Then the lovely ambulance ladies found that my blood sugars were high.

Next time I’ll call the fire brigade. At least Tranmere Rovers won today.


Oh Steve, I am so sorry to hear of your awful experience, that’s dreadful. Was it because the lifeline people forgot to get you help or was it the ambulance? Whoever it was that’s not good enough.

Do you have a neighbour who you get on well with that maybe able to help in times of emergency? Sorry if that’s not appropriate, just trying to think of something that would help, although really hoping you are never in that position again.

Relax and watch the football today on the tv. Take care.

Pam x

Oh no, you poor thing, 6 hours is no fun! I manage to get up but usually after a lot of huffin’, puffin’ and some crawling. I take it there’s no ongoing injuries from the fall

Hope you’re ok now

Sonia x