3 months down

If I were a pessimist, I would be associating my new flat with doom and gloom.

Pink cabbage to all that!



You paint such vivid pictures Steve. I could fix your entrance obstacles for you. With a simple high density foam mat. Just pick it up when you pass through the cell walls. Then roll it up like a camping mat & store on your chair.

Take it easy out there dude & start shopping online. Have all the bargains delivered to your door & spend the rest of your quality time, writing children’s books.

Best regards Terry

Poor little Timothy, those were the good old days Steve . My mum a d Dad often took us to Hastings st Leonard’s on sea to my aunties house , invariably one or the other of us was travel sick on the way. My Dad worked for Good listening televisions in the 70s and we had a company car, it was an estate with red plastic seats , they didn’t half burn your legs when it got hot.The combination of the smell of hot plastic seats a drooling dog that used to slaver down the back of your seat and my mum’s peck (tinned ham) sandwiches …It’s no wonder we were sick. My Dad said he always had to travel with his anorak hood up. Happy days Steve the days when you could squeeze 8 or more people into your car …there were no seat belt rules , it’s a wonder any of us survived. I love the pictures of your flat do you have a nice view from your window ? It takes a long time to feel at home but it’s definitely a good thing to have so many shops on your doorstep. Michelle and Frazer xx

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Hi Steve

Reading your blog has rekindled so many memories of our day trips to the seaside, everyone squashed in, no seat belts, no motorway so an all day round trip…but we loved it and I still get that buzz at the seaside now.

Hope you’re starting to settle in, I am sure it will all be worth it in the end.

Take care

Pam x

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