Downsizing for house move help needed

Hello everyone,

I live on my own with PPMS, I live in a three bed house and need to move to a one bed flat, I have loads of stuff to sort and sell. I am bed ridden so very limited as to what I can do
Does anyone know what I can do with regards to this, I don’t have money to pay someone to help me I have no Family or friends to help sell or move things, I have a lot of antique china And pieces. I would appreciate any advice, thank you, Best wishes Julia:)

Well firstly I’m very sorry that you’ve no one to help you, that makes me sad. Now I don’t know for sure, but whoever helps you you’ve got to know that their honest and trustworthy, so if it was me I’d ring citizens advice and ask if they know of any charitable groups that could help, they may have a list, or know of another organisation to ring. Good luck to you and I really hope it works out.

Jean x


Hello Jean
I did Think of that but I need to sell as I need the money, what’s the saying ? Cash rich and asset poor. I am the opposite, I’m not sitting on a goldmine but every penny counts. I will donate furniture which charities can collect c

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Hi Julia, I was going to suggest donate to charities in particularly for the bigger pieces. British Heart Foundation do house clearances but there may be other charities that do the same.

Is there a local antique shop who may do you a deal on all the other stuff? You need a solution that causes you the least hassle and keeps you safe as well.

Where my mum lives there is a local shop that sells items on for a percentage. Perhaps that might be something to explore, at least you will get something.

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Do you have a local auction house that can collect and sell your items that you no longer need?

Auction house, that’s a good idea. My parents regularly go to a couple, where you can leave a variety of items. The auction house takes a cut for each lot that is sold.

Julia if you would like the names private message me.

A reputable local auction house may be able to help. They will probably send a valuer out to tell you what’s saleable and take higher-value items away to sell in your behalf. And there are some very good house clearance people around, who will sort out the rest for you for (in my experience) a modest fee plus what they can get for the things you don’t want in your new accommodation. A good one will carefully prepare for your approval displays of what you want to keep and what you don’t. and they will leave your old place empty, neat and tidy when they leave. Or that has been our experience on the couple of occasions when our family has needed them. You need someone reliable and with a good reputation locally, obviously, and I know that can be difficult to be confident about. I am sorry that you have all this to deal with.

Hello all

Sorry it’s taken me awhile to reply and thank you for the advice, Roque said about sending it to a place that could sell them on my behalf, the only trouble is I can’t get to the post office, if I could I would be listing everything on eBay.

I think larger items I will donate to charity. I just need to find someone I can trust too assist me. Easier said than done!

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Is there not anyone who you trust that could list everything on Facebook market place? You could list priced to sell for one day only and get a friend to sit and sell for you.

Apologies if I make it sound so simple. If you were local I would lend you my husband :joy:.

Hi Rogue
I’m really limited on my choices, think I may just have to give it all the way.
Can’t you put your husband on the bus? :wink:

I am guessing that mostly MS Society volunteers help out at events, but I wonder if this is something an MS Society volunteer could help you with, even if it is an unusual request?

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