Furnishing a new home?

Hi people I was wondering if somebody could help me.

I currently live at home with my mum and brother wich I really hate but have no other option at the and my neurologist has reccomended that I move into a ground floor flat or bungelow for saftety.

I have looked in to local housing associations which have appropriate properties but they are all unfurnished and I would need to provide furniture like a bed and couch myself.

Because I am unemployed I really dont have the funds to furnish a home so was wonderig if there was anything out there that could help with this?

You should be able to get help from dss/social services-good luck Mike

yep mikep is right im going through a simlar thing and you can get some large grants to help. You nead to go through the Nobcenter sorry Jobcenter tho wich is always a joyous experiance. James

Hi Jon As you will be dealing with people who do not give a s*** at the DWP, I suggest you get some help form filling and if yo trawl the net for what you need print and keep copies. The disability worker at he job centra will help or another avenue for help is the local authority. Hope it help Mike


There should be a ‘local’ website where people have items of furniture etc to give away. l have forgotten the name of it- l hope someone will come up with it. Also the Salvation Army will help with ‘goods’ in your situation. Don’t forget the MS Society - you could ask them for help. Friends and relations are another source.

Good Luck - when you get your new home - lts good to have a bit of independence.


The link below opens an earlier post that had various suggestions which may be useful:



Yes its freecycle - the website that you can actually ask for things you need.

Thanks guys yes I heard about that freecycle website I will have a look at things next week as well as speaking to the local CAB I am also waiting to be reassed for my housing needs as I am curfrently not eligaqble for a bungalow but may be in the future according to my neurologist I am also concerend that I may end up needing a permenant wheelchair as I’m finding it harder to walk the very short distances I can currently walk.around the house etc

CAB will be able to put you in touch with local charitable organizations.
In my area there is one who will get you all the basics- bed, wardrobe, couch etc.
But as others have mentioned if you have the ability to go get the stuff, freecycle is great - not so good if you don’t have wheels.
As for your housing needs be sure to stress the degenerative nature of MS to the assesor. I had adaptations done “To meet my future needs” as it was cheaper to do everything all at once.


Hello Jon,

You might be able to get some basic furniture via the Nomad Trust. Good luck with your plan,


Lots of church organisations have a system where they collect names and addresses and try match up furniture which is donated. You may need to do research in your area. Here we have St. Vincents a catholic charity which collects tv’s furniture, in fact anything you want. Depends on ones income as to what you would get.

Also apply to mss for a grant. Anything is considered.

What about Barnardos, they have very cheap furniture and a lot of it is good otherwise they wouldnt take it in.

Sometimes if you tell friends/neighbours they may donate items to you too. Its amazing how kind people are when you are in need, its just talking to the right person.

Best wishes



Thanks for all the advice I just have to try and find a flat I like first and then there is whether or not I actually get it before I casn even think about furnishing etc.