Financial assistance fror new home furnishings

Hi all…first a brief bio. Was diagnosed in late '97 with R&R and have since moved on to secondary progressive. I’ve had to finish working as a self-employed Rock Star (musician-guitar/keyboards) but with the support of my brill wife Annie, we are both getting on smashing. After spending all our married life in privately rented accomodation (married 07/07/07) we have now been offered an adapted 3 bedroom house council house with a through floor lift. The only snag is that it is completely bare ie: not even any carpets in any of the rooms. So my question is this. Does anyone out there reading this know of any type of financial assistance/grant to help with furnishing the house mainly with carpets and flooring. We have everything else. Oh and a cooker :(. We want to avoid going for a loan because even though we have an excellant credit rating, we know that we would have to make payments and our income fluctuates. many thanks all and I hope to converse more in the coming months. Cheers…Chris C

Might be worth trying your local authority directly and explaing the situation. Also if your a member of your local MS Society you could ask there if such a grant exisits? There is always the Citizens advice bureau too, good luck in the new place :slight_smile:

Well done on getting a suitable house, already with a lift…fabulous!

You have a good positive attitude, to be admired in such difficult times. Guess your days as rock star helped there…

Google `freecycle``…this site has oodles of stuff to give away.

luv Pollx

Try the website to see if there are any other organisations that you can apply to for a grant. Ones connected to past employment for exampe

Jane has a freeloved section. Also speak to the money advice service. I am sure they could recommend certain charities that could assist you.


Your local branch of the MS Society will be able to give small grants for some stuff. Another website to explore is

Also, it could be worth seeing if there’s a freecycle network in your area. Freecycle is basically people just giving away unwanted stuff that they no longer need.

Hope you get yourself kitted out nicely (and congrats on getting a new home!)


Gumtree is also useful for cheap/free stuff. You can search for the stuff you want in your area.

Tracey x

A local authority will definitely help you out in this as he is the person who is aware about all the rules there. Checkout also for more details.