So worried bout tomorrow . It has crept up on me and now I remember that I have to see gp bout my dla application . It’s not the gp who knows me best and has been supporting me through all my strange symptoms, tests, appointments and dx. It’s the robotic one who doesn’t seem to have a caring bone in his body . I think he will be sitting with a list of questions with tick boxes . really wish I had changed the appointment . do u think I Can?


Are you in a rush to return the form. If it was me I’d be waiting and speaking to the gp who knows me.

Of course you can cancel your appointment and remake it for your regular gp…if time allows then do it.

All the best, Noreen

PS: I don’t condone lying but if it makes you feel bettter just say your not well and remake it…with the right gp!!

Or just be honest and say I prefer to see the gp who knows me best. Phew!!

Not sure what to do . I’m so indecisive at the moment . The former has been with him for 3 weeks cos this was his next available appointment (so the receptionist said). I suppose I should just get it over with. Part of me is so fed up with everything right now I’m bound to catch a break eventually.


Its up to you Theresa. Are you wanting the gp to write you a supporting letter for DLA?

I made a list of all my problems for my gp and left it with her even though she knows me well.

I don’t believe in taking chances.


I’m not sure if it’s just a formality so he feels involved or if he will have a list of questions that he’s been asked to check.

I’m not really sure what you mean Theresa. When I applied for DLA I asked my gp to write me a supporting letter to add to my application in order to strengthen my claim. Is that what your talking about?

No the da for was sent with details of mens and contact details for neuro,ms nurse and go. The Gp surgery has sent me a letter and appointment to see this gp to discuss my dla claim


I see. sounds like its best just to go and get it over and done with.

Really, when you first got the letter you should have rung the surgery and had a word with them.

It could be worth ringing when the surgery opens in the morning and letting them know how you feel.

All the best xxx

Thanks for your support Noreen. U have helped calm me down. Shouldn’t be thinking the worst instead of getting on with it like an adult. Silly me

Thanks again xx


These things are not easy especially when it is for important things. I need to get a dr appt tomorrow and that is sending me into a spin because I can’t wait to see the GP I find really supportive and understanding. Sending you hugs Barney

Your not silly at all Theresa,just anxyious…I know the feeling. Off to bed now, can’t keep my eyes open lol :slight_smile:

Good luck at docs today Theresa…let us know how you get on.

Noreen xxx