On a all time low. Only luck I have seems to be bad luck.

Hi All. Just when I thought I was turning a corner it turns out tone a roundabout :frowning: Went in today to get my LP, after several attempts he could not do it due to previous scarring on my back, so it’s been cancelled got to go back in to get it whilst put to sleep, not looking forward to that at all. Was due to start back my work on Monday 24th, been off since April only for the neuro to say "it’s best you don’t start back as am going to get you back in for your LP at short notice hopefully next week, also am send you for physio next week, also to a rehab to get see if we can get your leg sorted (6 months to late in my opinion). Then I found out today, DLA have lost all my paperwork and are sending me new papers out to fill in again.Arrrrrgggghhhh Just seems to be one obstacle after another, slowly these are grinding me down bit by bit, really really getting to me now, am fed up with folk asking “what’s wrong with you” and then looking at you as if you have two heads when you say “I still don’t know yet”!!!

There doesn’t seem to be any light at the end of the tunnel yet, but it’s there. You’re having a crappy time at the moment, but things will get sorted out. Take a photocopy of the DLA form once it’s filled out again for you to keep, so if the same thing happens again you can just transfer the information. They seem to have been taking their time to get you in to see the relevant people, but it’s happening now so that’s a good thing.

You will get there

Luisa x


its very disheartening i know when you’re trying to sort out benefits and it really does feel like they are making it harder for you.

i do my dla online and then you’ve always got your own copy on computer.

but my partner has been ill since march and we still havent recd a single penny and now they’ve lost his sick note so its another trip to the doctors that he could well do without.

its good though that the other appts are finally getting sorted for you and maybe now you’re well and truly in the tunnel the light at end of it is not so far away.

i really hope things get better for you soon.

best wishes

mandy xx

Hi Steven

The world is full of cess pits, I just wish a few of them had warning signs on them so we’d know when we were going to bre knee deep in grot!

The DLA need a thourough beating for the way they behave nowadays, they can’t get to the Town of Arras without going via Elba!


Hi all, thanks for the replies, it just seems to be one bad thing after another, it slowly grinds you down.