Sorry I have Not Been here in some Time.

I hope everyone is well and staying positive.

A quick update.I am still waiting for the LP and I was eventualy supposed to have an appointment this month but alas it still has not come.

I have used my bus pass with companion well so far and my child has had no problems getting on for free with me.I got awarded ESA but got put in the work group si I wrote a 24 page appeal letter.They said I did not have any mental health issues as well as physical and there for could work.

I have been up and down health wise and my eyes fuzzy.I come to realise how bad my spelling and jumbled words were when my child started to correct me.I take each day as it comes and do not fight MS to hard as it will kick me harder back.

My wheels are still going strong and use them everywere now.

My neuro wrote a leyyer to my GP to ask them to test me for ventricular disease as a few of the MANY lesions did not look like MS lesions.I asked my GP would that disease cause my symptoms he laughed and said no.Any way he tested me he can now write back to the neuro and can confirm I do not have vetricular disease.

I have now been spending my time helping others with issues such as gaining private rented property,help others fill in different type forms,helping them fill in forms like DLA,ESA,WTC,CTC and so on.I have given them pointers on what to write and how to help them win appeals.I have been busy finding amenities such as cheap or free travel for the disabled and pensioners.Advising people of there rights on different matters.Helping those in need like the disabled and pensioners get the aides they need to live a better quality of life.BUT I do most of it from home,I cannot physicaly go to the person or go with them as a voice to speak for them.

So I am pritty busy,inbetween this I crash and burn with MS,nah I have my good days and bad.

This may work in different areas.If you are disabled or a pensioner and you need a dentist but you cannot find one.There is health care places that have there own dentist services.They do NHS patients but do not take any new ones on very often.

As an example I found out there was a dentist service in Amman Valley Hospital,if I get a doctor,social worker or even my support worker to recommend me it is possible they will take me on at there dentist.So I would sugest if you find out were NHS dental services are such as in a hospital,a good GP should know were to ask.Then get one of the above to recommend you.

BUT ring NHS direct they can tell you more about this scheme.


Hi Charlie Just wanted to say how nice it is to see you again. You’ve obviously been very busy. Well done with all the work you’ve been doing. Make sure you look after yourself though! Teresa xx

Hi Charlie, good to see you on here again. Sounds like you have been busy! Welcome back! Cheryl:-)

Hi Charlie, well done you, for being so good with others problems.

I have missed you on the foum and am glad to see your name again.

Are you appealing your ESA decision?

luv Pollx

Good to see you back, was wondering how you were! x