Painful top of feet & shins

Tops of feet & shins very sore and tight this morning, can’t lift feet properly. Is this MS or have I slept funny? Too fatigued to tell.

I’m having trouble lifting feet up properly, feel like I’m shuffling a bit. Fingers crossed it’ll loosen up with some walking this morning. I can sit down for the shoot so that’s OK. xx

Make one, then smash it in someone’s face. I think I’d cry if I had that all the time, I only get it sometimes in right foot. Make me a cake x

Would it be wrong to ask if I can have a cake smashed in my face? Axx

Not at all :slight_smile:

I get pain in my shins quite often. I used to get it very frequently at night. I find that it seems to be caused by tight calf muscles. If I stretch these this almost always relieves the pain… I used to have to get out of bed every 40 minutes to stretch my legs, which greatly disburbed my sleep. Now I just get it sometimes during the day. Sorry my return key does not seem to be working. Carol

Phew my mouth is so large quite a bit might sadly go in with the smashing lol