For some reason I can’t post this as a new thread, hence blank first message. Been trying since last night. Question still stands though. What can I do/take to handle pain?
Ps panto was fab & pain free!

Hi all. Had a couple of glasses of wine, so wee but tipsy! Purely medicinal though : )
I’ve had the worst 3 weeks of my life, with constantly changing symptoms ranging ftom pins & needles to not being able to swallow properly, not being able to walk, losing my memory etc. Last couple of days, things have come back go normalish again. Slightly tired (but not exhausted : ) ) numb foot, weak leg, and a horrible ache in my buttock. The buttock thing is new. Can buttock pain be nerve related? I also get a pain under my thigh, a bit like the edge of a seat pressing hard against it. Sometimes it’s just there for a couple of hours, others a whole day. I’ve been getting so fed up with the constant changing symptoms. My GP says it can’t be MS with symptoms appearing and disappearing so quickly, but neuro won’t tell her what he’s thinking. Also means GP is unwilling to offer further help to me.
I’ve found that paracetamol and ibuprofen aren’t touching the pain. Only thing that seems to help is, er, wine. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy with that, but would love a more socially acceptable alternative for daytime use (especially as off to panto tomorrow with the kids).

hi paula

what does your gp say?

does he think it’s nerve pain?

if so ask him for some neuropathic painkillers such as gabapentin or amitryptiline.

the sore buttock needs stretching - i was told to do a yoga exercise called “alligator twist”

you lie on your back with one arm outstretched, with the other arm you hug one thigh close to your chest then push it over to the opposite side to the outstretched arm. hold it for 20 seconds, repeat with the other side.

it sounds like you need some physiotherapy which maybe your GP can refer you for.

yoga and pilates are excellent for stretching all your bits.

well done for enjoying the panto (and the wine).

carole x

if you google alligator twist - yoga exercise you get loads of links to videos.

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Thank you Carole. That’s a much better stretch than what I’ve been doing. GP is uncertain whether it’s the nerve or muscles aching. Under my thigh it’s def the muscle knotting up. I’m wondering if my weak leg is making me walk funny and therefore use my muscles in ways I haven’t before. On waiting list for physio, but will be Feb before I get an appointment.