On May 24th I twisted my ankle by tripping over the carpet. It was painful but I pressed all round the area and could find no exquisitely painful place so assumed I had not fractured any thing.

Over the next few days I found the pain getting less so that I could walk cut the lawn etc but the swelling and bruising did not fade.

23 days later I went to A&E and had an X ray which showed I had broken both my shin bones!

I have now had an operation to fix the breaks with metal plates.

Has anyone else found this loss of pain after injury? My leg has the normal sensitivity on the skin. My surgeon thought it might be connected with MS which I have had for 45 years

Hello and welcome to the forum.

It’s amazing you carried on as normal for a few a few days with bone fractures. Glad to hear your leg has been fixed now and your on the mend I can well believe it was due to the MS, like your surgeon suggested.

I was only diagnosed last year and not had a serious injury, so can’t answer that question. I do get numb patches on my body though, particularly my legs and feet.

Look forward to chatting more


I have on occasion picked up something too hot, I didn’t feel the usual pain but did feel an urgent buzzing which alerted me to something being wrong. When I have numb legs if I bang something say a shin although the leg is numb the pain can be excruciating. I guess we all feel things differently at different times. Yours sounds quite nasty, perhaps we need to get potential serious injuries checked as we can’t be relied on to give a correct information. Hope your fully recovered soon Jan x


several years ago i had broken glass in my foot and i didnt feel it so yes i can understand…

feel better soon, ellie

I had a car run over both my lower legs earlier this year. twice!! Was it painful, not really!!

Luckily no broken bones, which was amazing.

The pain afterwards with the bruising was more painful than the car!