How does our body respond to injuries

One of my symptoms is a common one of altered sensation in my legs. This resulted in me having a tumble on Saturday. Over the years (prior to diagnosis) I have taken these tumbles many times and broken metatarsals in my feet. This time no breaks, but I am having a lot of pain and swelling. Has anyone else had such soft tissue damage? Does the MS cause our bodies, or the immune system, to act differently to such injuries? I have been back to a&e to be told they won’t re-xray me as they are happy there were no breaks. My foot is swollen dispite having it correctly elevated and applying ice and resting. I know nothing is really normal in MS but I was wondering if anyone has had anything similar. Any advice would be greatly received. I have tried to contact my MS nurses but the 1st phone appointment is Monday 9th March. :frowning:

Hi Maireanne,

I’m sorry you’ve taken a tumble, but as far as I know, MS in itself has no effect on our recovery from injury.

People with very impaired mobility may have a problem, as usually it’s important to maintain good circulation to help heal any injury - people who can’t move about much may find that difficult.

Also, MS is often (but not inevitably) associated with low vitamin D, so you might be more likely to break a bone, and it might be more difficult to heal, but that’s not an immune system issue.

Other than that, no MS consequences for healing, that I know of.

I don’t think it’s exceptional to have pain and swelling just three days after a hard knock, even if there were no breakages. Why do you feel this is abnormal?

About 18 months ago, I was knocked down my a motorcycle. Like you, no breakages (not sure how I managed that - but I was wearing a duvet-like coat at the time), but absolutely black and blue all over! I recovered, in time, just like everyone else, but it was very painful - just like everyone else - except, for me, it was on top of whatever I already had from the MS.

One place on my ankle is still not right - it is discoloured and occasionally weeps slightly, so I wondered if A&E had missed something (their investigations were cursory, to say the least - I never even got undressed to inspect the damage - most of it I only realised when I got home!)

I told my GP about the weepy ankle - she didn’t seem to think it’s anything to worry about. She says the discolouration (still visible after all this time) is from iron deposits in the skin after severe bruising. She wasn’t too worried about the weeping either. She said that after trauma, the skin may just be thinner at that point, and recommended just moisturising (I’ve been using bio oil on it).