Affected limbs - healing times

Hi - hope everyone is having a good day. :slight_smile: Just wondering about my right leg which has had sensory symptoms - numbness, tingling, muscle spasms, heavy sensation etc - for several years. On this leg/foot minor injuries seem to take ages to heal. Cuts/grazes probably take 3 to 4 times longer to heal than elsewhere. I have had an eczema patch on my foot for years that just won’t shift. My question is, does the damage that affects the sensations also affect my leg’s healing rate/ability? Does anyone else notice this? Thanks for any comments/thoughts. Ann

I have had sensory symptoms in my feet and hands on and off ever since I was diagnosed (end of 1999). I’ve had lots of bruises from falls, especially more recently and at least one lot of cuts but have never noticed any delay in healing. You might want to talk to your GP about it because it might be a sign that you have a vitamin deficiency or something like that. I think sometimes we blame things on MS and don’t take them as seriously as we would if we didn’t have the horrible disease.

Like Sewingchick, I have been more accident-prone since (and even before!) diagnosis, but have not noticed any difference in overall healing times. Healing is not as fast and perfect as it was in my 20s, but I’m now nearly 47 - I assume my metabolism will have changed. I’ve never put it down to MS, though.


Hi, I get a lot of bruises and soreness in my feet and toes. I was told by a health professional, that soft tissue does take longer to heal than normal, if our bodies are damaged in the way that happens in MS.

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Sort of off topic - my injuries heal quick enough, but the smallest non descript scratch scars quite badly. They are often wounds that barely bleed, like catching my hand lightly on something. I have a scar from every blood doning session, every canular, every dog scratch. Due to being quite clumsy, it is quite safe to say I will never make it as a hand model!

Anyone experience anything similar or know why this might be the case?