New symptom

Hi everyone I’ve recently been diagnosed with rrms and last night while walking up stairs my ankle gave way with a piercing pain. I now cannot put weight on it at all. I have not injured it. Could this be ms related has this happened to anyone else?

Hi, not sure if this is an MS symptom, although anything can happen in MS.

If it is still hurting and you cant weight bear on it, perhaps a trip to A & E would be in order. You many have sprained it or chipped a bone.

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Very much doubt that this is MS related but whether it is or not if you are in pain you should go to A&E.


yes sorry to say it but what you describe sounds like you have a sprain or a break rather than ms. Hope you get it sorted soon.

Hi Similar to what you have described has happened to me. I have rrms, on a couple occasions I have been walking and my ankle has given way usually leaving me on my bum, but like you once getting back up I can no longer bear any weight on it. On each occasion I have struggled for the first 24 ish hrs but then it has started to ease. I am unsure what has caused it but i Have very weak legs following a bad relapse and my neuro/Physio thinks its all connected. Currently working with the Physio to improve both strength and balance with my legs! Hope yours are feeling better soon. Liana :slight_smile:

It sounds like an injury to me. Although symptoms and injuries are two different things, changes in muscle tone due to MS can make us more vulnerable to injuries.

I have a history of sudden injuries, whilst doing quite ordinary, everyday things.

I once pulled a hamstring while simply getting up from the armchair to answer the phone, and I’ve had recurrent achilles tendon injuries, that my doctor said could have happened just “stepping off the kerb”.

So it’s a myth that you have to be doing anything particularly sporty or energetic. I certainly think just going upstairs, with altered gait or muscle tone, might be enough to cause injury, if you were unlucky - like me with the phone.

Regular stretching exercises and/or anti-spasticity medication such as Baclofen might give your muscles just a little more give, so they don’t injure quite as easily, but I still do it quite regularly, even though I don’t do anything much higher impact than walking. Just misjudging my step a little, or reaching for something awkwardly, can leave me with an injury that takes some time to heal.


I have had my ankle giving way and then not being able to put weight on it without it happening again a couple of times. It was OK again 24 hours later however. I also fell over because my knee gave way once and I think that was painful for several days afterwards (maybe as long as 10 days). For me, I think my knee gave way because of an MS effect (messages not being transmitted properly by nerves) but this caused a minor sprain. Mine got better without treatment but if yours is not getting better, you probably should see a doctor.