My right leg

Also I can’t weight bear on the ball of my right foot.but I have no pain in foot at all just pins and needles. A few weeks ago I got a new puppy I was in the kitchen and he licked the top of my right foot .my leg just crumbled , Does any of this sound like ms .i feel like my hip are being crashed but I have no back pain.thanks for your time x

Hi Princess,

The symptoms of MS are extremely many and varied, so some people have pain - not all in the same place - some don’t; some people have trouble weight-bearing - some don’t, and so on.

So there is no one set of symptoms that “sound like” MS. Add to that, there are very many conditions (over 100) that can cause similar symptoms. So you see, just from a set of symptoms, it’s impossible to say whether they “sound like” MS or not.

You haven’t said anything I think absolutely couldn’t be caused by MS, but nothing that couldn’t be caused by one of the other 100+ things, either.

I’m sorry if that seems a bit unhelpful, but one of the reasons MS diagnosis is hard, and takes a long time, is you can’t do it just by analysing a list of symptoms. I don’t think there’s any symptom that’s unique to MS, neither are there any that people with MS always have. Even the commonest MS symptoms won’t be shared by everyone.

I hope you get some answers soon. Try to keep open-minded about what it may be. It’s not wrong to prepare for bad news, but don’t close your mind to the chance it won’t be.



Ty Tina. I’m waiting to see a Nero as dr said something going legs get so tired they feel like jelly some times. I also know there 101 reasons for it . I was told years ago I had fibro but I’ve never been happy about that as I don’t get the pain points like some do.its the waiting I guess we humans not to good at the waiting bit hehe