whats going on ?

yesterday i had very sudden onset of vice like band round right ankle, top of foot, was sitting in car and when i got out found i couldnt walk on it with the pain. area feels burning, numb feeling and slightly throbbing. lasted for a while then all of a sudden disappeared. just had it again and unable to walk again. had no injury and not been exercising . been on forum for a while , waiting for neurology appointment this month. had no. ms type symptoms including suspected optic neuritis but this has come out of the blue. going to need a crutch if it gets any worse. can anyone relate to this or shed any light . thanks x

forgot to mention also that i keep tripping, 3 times today nearly went flat on my face

Hi Serina.

I have no idea to be honest, but I didn’t want to read and run. Perhaps a phonecall to your GP if you haven’t got an MS nurse yet.

Fingers crossed for staying upright. xx