My Leg is NOT Broken...

Gosh I have been so ill of late,my niece knew I was realy ill and still wanted me to babysit.So I did as well love the little guy,well I crashed out on the sofa for two hours and woke not knowing what happened.Anyway she said that was ok and I did sugest we didnt have my great nephew again until I was better.Or we need to teach them the right way and what to do if it happens again.She agreed...

Well she left my home and told other family members I was just lazy and that I put her child at risk.I did NOT put her child at risk,she did,she knew I was realy ill and has offered no help at all.

Anyway 9 days ago I didnt check the speed on my wheels and crashed into a slide.I caught both legs and was trapped.The kids helped me get free.That was fine,then Friday I started to feel a little more like me and the MS felt a little less harsh,then my  left ankle,foot and lower leg starting hurting me.The bruises on the front of my leg and ankle were deep burgandy.So since Friday my doctor told me I needed an X-ray,I tried family including me neice who ignored my text messages and phone calls.Who needs family when I have some brilliant friends.

The pain got worse and worse as the MS eased a little more.

Anyways I got realy worried today,day 9,the meds and MS must of masked the pain,the right leg healed up fine.

A friend took me today and I have had an X-ray and a wonderfull doctor was so kind and patient with me,lets say he was not to other people though.Even though I do look strange.

Well my leg is NOT broken and the doctor says I have injured my ankle and foot as well.I have severe bruising,tissue damage to my lower leg/ankle/foot.

Gosh did I realy do all that damage?

I am just so happy it is not broken,I would of broken down if it had been.

Well the MS has eased a little more and I feel more ME.The doctor agrees the MS meds and painkillers and the sever MS symptoms were masking the pain,so as I started to feel better the pain kicked in.

I would dance if I could and although the MS has given me a little respite I will take every day as it comes as I know it can come back and bite me hard in the butt again.

I hope you all have a great day and hugs to those who feel a little down.

Bless YOU ALL...


I agree Charlie; your niece knows your condition and if you happen to have the symptoms that people with MS have, and which she should have the nous to have researched, then no one is to blame but herself. Families hey? There is so much 'bolitics' floating around as we try to dance with family members!

Take care and rest your legs.


Thanks Moria.It was her fault and NOT my fault.Hence she will be ignored,I do not get angry at things now I just let it all go there is more important things in my life to deal with at the moment.

I am just so greatfull my leg is not broken.Thats just a step up the ladder for me.


Oh Charlie, keep away from ladders!!  Haha, glad you're bruised and not broken (well, not glad you're bruised, but you know what I mean)

That neice of yours needs a good hard slap.  She's behaving like a spoilt brat, and is taking advantage of your good nature.  So she's not going to demand your babysitting services until you're through this particular mire?  DUH! She shouldn't have been doing that in the first place.

Hope you heal up soon,

Luisa x

Hi Charlie

So glad it’s not broken and that your MS symptoms seem to be easing. It’s lovely to feel yourself again isn’t it?

As to your niece - what a selfish and thoughtless cow. All she cares about is herself!

Hope you continue to feel better. Take it easy.

Teresa xx

Thankyou both.

Yes I have been seeing how selfish she is for a few months now but needed proper evidence and that it was not just me thinking bad things.Now I have truley seen her true colours,never mind I have learned,but that will NEVER stop me helping others.

Oh I do feel better,maybe tomorrow is a bad day but I live for today and I have a smile.

I hope you all have many good days then the bad feel less.


Glad your leg isn't broken Charlie but as far as your niece goes I can't see that she is to blame. 

She doesn't have MS. It is hard enough for people with it to understand fatigue; why should she? 

TBH I think it is you who should have put your foot down and said you weren't well at the time and not baby sat. 

What if the kid had got into trouble or God forbid had an accident while you were clonked out? He isn't your kid and you do have a duty of care. I would have been p**d off with you under those cicumstances too but the difference between your niece and I is that I would have said so to your face at the time and not pretended it was OK when she obviously felt it wasn't.

We do have to be honest about the limitations being unwell places on us and it can be very hard to get that across to others but it is OUR responsibility to explain. Our bodies, our disease, our lives. Can't shove that one onto someone else I'm afraid...

Hope the leg heals quickly,


Charlie, I agree with Belinda. A child's safety is paramount and as babysitter, it was your sole responsibilty. Perhaps she should not have asked you in the first place, but only you knew how ill you were, so you should have said no.  Suppose, god forbid, something had happened? Helping people is all very well, but not risking a child's safety. Nothing is more important.



I am just glad my daughter and nephew are so clued up and sensible,that they didnt not wander off or touch anything they shouldnt.

We do love the little guy and while he is here he has a good life.Yes I did say I was ill and she knew I was to.I did try but then I get guilt tripped into saying yes.

But to say I could of stayed awake that I am just lazy was horrid we all know what fatigue is and does to us.BUT yes it could of been the other way around and an accident could of happened,I still said he should come up here again until I feel better and she then said he would be devistated if he could not come up,me then felt guilty again.

But no I am afraid to say he can no longer be here while I am poorley and we all know we can get up in the morning and by lunch time MS bites us again.

I should of said no then there would not of been any problems.

Well it is now no all the time.

But yes my leg hurts like hell but its not broken so I am so happy.

Bless you all.


Thats not come up here until I feel better.

I think that you need to practice putting your foot down (when it's healed of course) and saying "no".  Everybody around you just needs to accept this, and you can't let them start playing mind games with you.  It took me a long time to assert myself and start saying no when I needed to, but it's worth it, if they start the guilt trips, trip them right back.

L x

Some phrases to learn...

I don't think you realise how bad/tired I am just now...

Stop trying to make me feel guilty, how would you like it if...

I appreciate your situation, but you must appreciate mine

You know that if I was feeling better, I would, but right now I can't...

L x

PS - if all else fails, a simple "NO" will do the trick x

I am simply going to say NO.....Then switch off to my feelings,,,,

Thanks for the advise though.I would never put a child at risk I would of taught him what to do when something happens he loves rules and follows them to the letter he is proud of this.

However to threaten to send social services and her whole attitude about me was wrong.They will NEVER know how any of us feel..I have to think of my daughter and myself from now on,I need to get stronger and fight this without mindless comments.



Hey Charlie!!!! xxx hope your leg gets better soon!!! You really have got to stop speeding on that mean machine!!!!


Also just wanted to say - I know how very severe and disabling your MS is for you Charlie - you are one of the unlucky ones and I know how you struggle often to even think straight!!

If I can see how disabled you are I'm damn sure your niece can see it - she just chose to turn a blind eye and ignore it - took advantage!!! xx 

So don't you dare take any guilt on yourself for not sayng no!! xxxjenxxx

Thanks Jen,x

It has bitten me badly over the months but I try not to moan about it,I do write a few comments on FB but thats because friends want to know how I am feeling.

She is being selfish I am sure of that.She seen me as an easy target and a push over well not any more.I moved into this area and made amny friends within weeks and caught up with a few old friends as I used to live in G-C-G and worked in CK,s.

She didnt like it,she has lived this way for a few years and made only a handfull of friends.Even bus drivers chat and the Tesco delivery guys n girls love coming to my house we always have a good chin wag and a laugh.She took advantage of me and I now see she has done it for years.

Never mind as I said I will still help those around me who need me.Yes there will always be the few who are just users but there are many genuine people out there.My friends mean more than family to me.we have helped eachother over the years.

And ouch the leg the painkillers are not killing the pain.Please Jen I am on a mission ROFL...I do watch my speed now.I just want a nice cool day and I will be on a mission again.

As a friend said,Charlie take no notice of the idiots you moved here and you are making a diffrence in the whole community and she is right.Just a shame one or two bad ones try to spoil things for others.

But I am good,limping but good.